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5 Apps That Will Help Meet Your KPI’s

Key Performance Indicators is the backbone of every business. Apart from being used by managers, leaders and executives to understand the business, KPIs enable them to gauge whether it is on the right track and successfully growing or not. The best part about KPI is the fact that apart from mapping growth, it helps identify the areas where improvements and attention is required. However, being on the move all the time makes it a little difficult to ensure that your KPIs are met month on month. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right measures and indicators that will assist in keeping you on track whenever you go astray. Here are 5 super cool apps for the executive on the move that will help meet your KPIs.


Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile is an app that allows you to access and work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on the go. Available in the play store in your Android phone, there’s nothing like having an app that fulfills the void of a laptop while you’re on the move. With this, you can work on any document anywhere and everywhere, making sure that all your SPOs and deadlines are met. The only drawback is that unlike the Windows Phone version of Microsoft Office, the Android app doesn’t support OneNote documents.



Meeting your KPIs means constantly keeping yourself updated on what is being missed and what needs to be done. To do this and do this well, we have Evernote, a cross-platform, premium app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. Evernote lets you create notes, or reminders if you will, in the form of formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” note. You can supplement each note with comments, tags and edits and customize it for your purpose. The Evernote app can be used in multiple operating systems like iOS, Chrome OS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, etc.


Business Calendar

Time management is a crucial part of keeping up with your KPIs and at times it can get really tough to juggle multiple things that are all happening simultaneously. Saving you from all your time management maladies is The Business Calendar App. Highly compatible, customizable that comes with an easy user interface, this app will ensure that you stick to your schedule to the T.


Key Note

Keynote, an app built specifically for iPhones and iPads, is considered to be one of the most efficient apps when it comes to making presentations on the go. It comes equipped with technology that enables the user to create presentations complete with animated charts and transitions and all you need to do is touch and type!


Android for Work

The Android for work app transforms your smartphone into the perfect business tool. It helps you work smarter by segregate your personal apps from your work apps and thus increasing productivity. The Android for Work app is built to make you perform better and in a more efficient manner.

Measuring KPIs is not only a necessity but a practice that serves good stead to each and every business. With these apps chartering your business’s growth and development, meeting your KPIs will become a lot less tedious.

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