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5 Big Trends to Look Out For in 2017

Are you a trend setter?

Trends come and go and every year we see something new coming that takes the entire world by storm. The best thing about trends is that while some are entirely novel with the ability to completely by surprise, others are more familiar having completed a full circle, ready to make a comeback. Though many people would say following a trend would be similar to metaphorically following the herd, what’s unique about these trends is that they provide you the opportunity to take them and make them your own. Whether it’s fashion or social media, trends are set everywhere and they usually never fail to make their mark in the concerned industries. Given that it’s the new year and we have a lot to look forward to, here are some of 2017s biggest trends that promise to bring about a difference.

Virtual Reality

Where the real and the virtual collide – virtual reality has been one of the most talked about innovations in the past year and it keeps its promise of being an upcoming trend in this year as well. To say that technology is taking over our lives has become quite a cliché, but with innovations like virtual reality becoming more of a cultural revolution by the day, no one can deny this truth. If you’re a tech geek and you’re wondering what’s hot this year, then virtual reality should definitely feature on your list.

Colour Play

Essential in creating mood, the right atmosphere and kindling emotions, colours speak a thousand words and every year, the industry picks out hues, shades and tones which are likely to be big that particular year. In 2017, be it fashion and lifestyle or interior decor, it has been predicted that colours will play a significant role in giving each vertical its own unique voice. From warm, inviting tones to icy hues, from metallic shades to revisiting nature, it’s time to get your colour game on for 2017.

Live Videos

The evolution of content and content creation has been extremely significant over the past few years. While sun-kissed images and outrageous filters enjoyed its time in the limelight, creativity and the desire to keep doing things differently, ensured that the innovations in the field of content creation maintained an upward curve. The next big thing to emerge, therefore, was the live video. Responsible for a lot of the growth on various social media platforms, live video promises to be the next big thing.


In a world where change is the only thing constant and where failing to adapt at a certain pace results in being left behind, co-creation becomes an important trend that everyone should look forward to. Every industry, every service, every line of work today is made up of different parts, parts that together make up a whole. This cohesive working with different entities towards a common goal and sharing a symbiotic relationship where social and business leaders manage to find each other and work together is what is going to take 2017 by storm.

A Testimony to Time

We’ve spoken about tech and we’ve spoken about intrinsic cultural changes, we’ve understood what the world of social media has to offer and gotten a glimpse of the more abstract concept of colour and the significance that it holds. Now, it’s time for the world of fashion. In 2017, classic, elegant and sophisticated timepieces are supposed to be back with a bang. For instance, The Titan Raga Aurora Collection featuring rare timepieces, a collection which is specially crafted to celebrate the power of inner beauty and strength.

Now that you know what the big trend of 2017 are, it’s time to take them and make them your own!

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