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5 Common Misconceptions About What You Should Be Wearing To Work

How to dress to work is a topic that has been subjected to a lot of debate over the years. The dress code for work, from the dawn of time, has always been formal and stiff collared. Colours such as blacks; greys and navy blues were the fad and if you wore anything that was remotely adventurous, too bright or out there, you were in violation of the code. However, as times changed, the concept of appropriate work wear evolved along with it. With the young millennial, a fresh perspective of what you should and can wear to work was introduced, and the previously popular belief of stiff formals was soon replaced by the concept of Friday Dressing.

Here are some common misconceptions about what you should be “ideally” wearing to work and how you debunk them!

workwear formal business outfit

Stiff Formals

Crisp shirt, trousers, a tie and formal shoes – this was conceived as the right office attire – very exact, very formal and very professional. Fortunately today, stiff formals are no longer the rule. Rest assured that Friday Dressing and semi-formal wear for example a fashionable pair of chinos along with a shirt and no tie is just as good to wear to work. In fact, try to step out of the pack and wear something different, you’ll be surprised as to how much attention you will get and the impact you will make.

Conservative Colours

Black, Grey, Brown and Navy Blue this is what the work wear colour palette consisted of. We recommend that you get rid of the mundane and bring some colour into your work life. Experimentation with bright colours like pinks, yellows, oranges and greens are becoming increasingly popular at work and interestingly this shift in being notices more so in men. Research shows, that colours not only help you communicate better but it brings in a confident and positive demeanour which is always good for work, right?!

Ties as the One and Only Office Accessory

Explore and have some fun with accessories while getting ready for work. Ties are great but not very unadventurous to be frank. Bowties, cool cuff links, tie pins, waist coats, colourful socks and suspenders are all acceptable and very fashionable work wear accessories that you can have some fun experimenting with. And if you are going for a tie then go for one that has a fun print or a motif depicted on it. Ladies, try an offbeat bag, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

workwear accessories socks outfit quirky

No Prints

If you were born one generation ago, going to work wearing quirky, printed shirts was blasphemy. Not only were bold and fun prints perceived as frivolous it was frowned upon if you decided to wear them to work, as a result of which nobody did! However, prints are in and if you pick the right ones, you’re sure to be the talk of the office for that day. Prints not only bring out a fun element in your personality but overall create the impression that you’re an approachable and an easy to talk to person.

workwear blazer business outfit

Matching Blazers with Your Shirt and Trousers

The “official workwear dress code” stipulates that the colour of your blazer should be identical or should match the colour of your trousers. Adhering to such a dress code made you appear more formal and corporate in nature. However, this is another very common misconception. Pairing your outfit with a blazer of a contrasting colour is a great option for dressing well to work.

Break out of the pack and dare to dress different at work!

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