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5 Healthy Habits That You Should Start Now

The best way to transform your life is by changing one thing you do daily, for the better.

We all strive to becoming a healthier version of ourselves, and we can’t think of even one reason to not. Being healthy is not only a state of being but it is a state of mind as well. A cleaner, healthier body fuel a cleaner and healthier mind, which is exactly what we need to live a better and a happier life. One way of transforming for the better is by changing your day to day habits. Another way of making this transformation is by changing the way you think and your outlook on life altogether. However, the best way to go about this transformation is by changing a little bit of both. Here are 5 healthy habits that you should start now which will help you in this quest for becoming a better person!

Drink More…Water

There’s a reason why everyone keeps telling us to drink more water! Our body is on average 75% water (something that we all learned in 6th grade Biology) so, naturally hydration plays a very important role in ensuring that bodies are functioning the way it should. Start the day by drinking a tall glass of water with a little bit of honey and lemon and aim to drink at least 1.5 litres of water (if not more) by the end of it. It is cleansing, natural, healthy and good for you in every way possible. At the end of the day, the cleanse starts from the inside and once you start developing habits that do good for your body from within, the result of it shines through on the outside as well! With the, Titan Juxt Pro you’ll now never have to worry about staying healthy and clean. With its state of the art technology, the Juxt Pro will not miss a chance to keep you track while reminding you every step of the way as well.

Eat More…Regularly

Of all the things that we manage to ignore, eating properly, on time and regularly has got to be on top of the list. We all neglect when we eat and what we eat and though the repercussions of this isn’t immediately felt, it’s one of those things that will not hesitate to sneak up on you. Eating the right kind of food at regular intervals in very important when it comes to switching over to a healthier lifestyle. We’ve all survived on coffee and junk food till we’ve realized that it’s way past lunch time and we haven’t eaten anything substantial. Well, it’s time to change that now. Monitoring the number of calories you consume and ensuring you give your body and mind the energy it needs through food, is one healthy habit you need to start right away. With the Titan Juxt Pro, you can now measure and keep track of not only what you eat, but how much of it you should be eating at the same time.

Laugh More…Loudly

Ever heard the saying – ‘laughter is the best medicine’? turns out, it really is! Laughing more everyday has weird and wonderful impacts on you. Laughter, hearty and loud is probably more infectious than a flu excluding all its horrible side effects. When you laugh you bring people together, you spread happiness and create joy and when you do all those things, you automatically feel more fulfilled and happy. But what’s really interesting are the physiological changes that laughter brings with it. When you laugh more your body goes through some physical changes. It strengthens your immune system, boosts your energy, diminishes pain and protects you from the damaging effects of stress. When it comes to healthy habits that you should start right away, laughter has got to be one of the least expensive and most effective one.

Forgive More…Often

Forgive and forget, a mantra that we’ve all been advised to adopt at some point or the other. At this point, many will ask, how is forgiving and letting go of resentments a healthy habit? Well, a healthy habit need not always manifest itself in the form of a diet or exercise, sometimes, the best habit you can develop in your quest to being healthy is one that brings you inner peace and tranquillity. Forgiving people and taking the higher road at times, is one such habit. When you learn to forgive, you enable yourself to love, find peace and be stress free and when you enable yourself to achieve all of this, you automatically become happier and therefore healthier. “In this world you are given as you give. And you are forgiven as you forgive. While you go your way through each lovely day, you create your future as you live.” ~ Peace Pilgrim

Live More…Everyday

What kind of life would it be if you only existed and forgot to live? A boring and unhealthy one, that’s what! The last of the healthy habits that we believe everyone should adopt right away is the habit of living more. Mental health and physical health are very closely related to each other. If you want to be healthy the first thing you need to do, is ensure that you find something that inspires you enough to push you towards the change. The day you stop merely existing and start living, you’ll see all the healthy habits you’ve ever aspired for will start falling into place on its own. So, starting today – laugh more, sleep more, eat better, drink more water, forgive more, broaden your horizons, explore, go on an adventure and over and above everything else, love with all your heart!

It’s never too late to start working towards being a healthier you!

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