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5 Must Have Watches for Every Occasion

How many of you think that a watch makes for the perfect accessory?

Well, we’re of the opinion that you do. No matter how perfect your clothes are, if you get the accessorizing wrong, then your efforts will be in vain. But what is that one accessory that works every time in taking your outfit to the next level? A classic timepiece of course! There are very few things that can tie a good outfit together as well a watch. Be it for a wedding, for your first day at work or for a night out with your buddies, a great watch is a great addition to your ensemble. The saying that accessories make or break an outfit holds true at many levels, which is why we’ve got a list of occasions and the perfect kind of timepiece that will go with it!

watch accessoy dress first impression fashion style Titan Champagne Dial Analog Menswear

First Impression

First impression is the last impression, we’re all familiar with that adage, right? Well, it’s true. In a world where a fleeting glance is all we have to spare, portraying your character through how you dress and the impact you create is very important. Which is why, this Titan Champagne Dial Analog Watch for Men is perfect. If you do not have a watch yet, then your first one should definitely be this – classic, with no extra details, non-pretentious and composed, it makes the perfect first impression that you’re looking for, without imposing too much or coming out too strong.

everyday women Titan watch fashion timepiece style trend


Dressing up every day is a task that none of us want to undertake. The whole point of everyday dressing is to keep it cool and causal with that little touch of smartness and style. And what better thing to pair up with your everyday outfits other than a practical, functional as well as a good looking watch from the Titan collection. This beautiful piece from the everyday wear collection for women from Titan fits the bill to the T. When you’re looking for something smart yet understated which would match any outfit you wear and would fit in any situation, then look no further, because this is the watch for you!

watch accessory time Titan Purple Silver White dial Analog sunday brunch relax friends Men

Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch with your friends and/or family is something that we all look forward to. A few relaxing hours to get our minds off work with good company and good food is a break that we deserve before the start of a new week. Now, if you were to think about what’s the best sort of attire to wear for a Sunday brunch, then cool, casual, stylish, fashionable, comfortable and trendy would come to your mind (among others of course) which is why it is very important that the accessories you decide to pair with what you wear are along the same lines as well. The Titan Purple Silver White dial Analog Watch for Men, was made for such an occasion. Style along with comfort is a way of life, something that you make a part of yourself, and with the Titan Purple collection by your side, you can never go wrong.

watch accessory Titan Raga Dial Analog Women wedding party engagement beautiful


Weddings, functions and social gatherings are a very integral part of all our lives. Something for which we’d make an effort while dressing up. In fact, when it comes to formal parties, weddings or engagements, watches are more than a functional time-keeping device, they become an indispensable fashion accessory! The reason why watches play such an important role in an outfit is because it adds to your personality as it does to your ensemble. For such occasions, the Titan Raga Mother of Pearl Dial Analog Watch for Women is like the last piece of a puzzle – completing and tying together the entire outfit that results in something resplendent and elegant, much like the person wearing it!

watch accessory fashion style speed time Titan Octane Black Dial Multifunction Watch Men

Boys Night Out

What’s life without a little fun, without the rush of speed now and then? What are we talking about? Why, an epic boy’s night out, of course! Friends are integral to your health and happiness and so is a little bit of excitement, adventure and thrill, which is why a night out with your buddies is as important as taking a day off at work. The perfect accessory for a boy’s night off, needless to say, is the perfect watch that symbolizes style, sophistication, the love for speed and of course, a little bit of mischief and with a racy watch from the Titan Octane collection, you’ll achieve just that!

Let you’re your attitude match your watch, it’s time to go get yourself a classic timepiece for every occasion!

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