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5 New Whatsapp Features You Were Not Aware Of

The messenger app Whatsapp has fast become our go-to service for connecting for friends, family, business associates & creating a communication network that’s as fast as it is efficient. But there are a lot more than just sending & receiving texts & images that this smart application can do! Here are a few features that you haven’t used on Whatsapp yet.


Bold, Italic & Strikethrough text

Yes! You can now format how your text looks on Whatsapp and make them bold, italic or strikethrough as per the tone you wish to convey. For making your text bold, simply put * before & after the text. For italics, put _ before & after the text and for strikethrough, put ~ before & after the text.


Message Quotes & Replies

Now you can reply to a specific message and the message will appear before the reply as a quote. Just long press a message and you’ll see a ‘Reply’ icon on the top bar. Type in your reply and the reply will appear with the original message preceding it as a quote!


Add dates to your calendar

Forever making appointments with clients over whatsapp or committing to meet-up with friends and forgetting about them as the conversation moves on? Whatsapp now links any date or day (including today, tomorrow, Sunday, Monday) you might type in a conversation to your calendar & you can easily click on the text and schedule the date on your calendar.


Reply directly from pop-up

Now you don’t have to go into the hassle of opening the whole chat to reply when you get a notification for a new message. You can just click on the ‘Reply’ option below the pop-up and type in your reply without having to open the whole chat! Efficiency, thy name is Whatsapp!


Shortcuts to conversation

If there are certain people on your list with whom you seem to chat all day on Whatsapp – your BFF, mom, that special someone – then you can actually create a shortcut of your conversation and save it on your home screen for easy & instant access!

So, go try out these cool features and use Whatsapp to its ultimate technological extent! These smart features are sure to make your life even easier and you can, of course, thank us later!

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