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5 Resolutions You Need To Make For Mental Health

Let peace begin with you!

In our everyday life, we end up neglecting a lot of things, our health being one of them. However, the sooner we come to terms with the fact that health comes first, more so your mental health, the better. Looking after you mind is essential because once that is in place, everything else follows. Mental health is very closely related to our physical health, primarily because our body and mind work very closely together. If you want to be more efficient and productive then apart from being physically up for the challenge, you’ll have to be mentally prepared to take on what the world has to offer. Which is why these five resolutions that everyone needs to make for mental health is so crucial.

Say No to Stress

Our lives are dominated by stress. So much so, it constantly lingers around us wherever we go like a shadow. Imagining a life without stress is wishful thinking, especially since we don’t live in an ideal world, be it personally or professionally. However, what we can do is ensure that we try and let it affect us as less as possible. Which is why, the first resolution to make for your mental health is to minimise stress as much as possible.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Mental health requires resolutions that need to be proactively actioned, not ones that you can make and hope that they fall into place. One of the best ways to achieve this is by setting healthy boundaries which enables you to pursue mental health over and above anything else. From getting yourself to exercise everyday to eating better, setting healthy boundaries can get you one step closer to better mental health.

Compassion & Patience

Your mental health depends a lot on external circumstances. It depends on how the atmosphere is at your workplace and at home, it depends on your relationship with various people and it also depends upon whether you are able to achieve all your goals or not. While some of these things may happen according to plan, there are chances that many won’t. At times like this compassion and patience is what you need to ensure that whatever is going on internally is balanced out, making these two qualities essential for mental health.


Meditation and deep breathing exercising are great resolutions to make with respect to your mental health. Studies show that usually people who mediate regularly are in general, calmer and less stressed than the ones who don’t. It helps you focus on the tasks at hand while enabling you to achieve inner peace. Therefore, when you get the feeling that things are spiralling out of control too fast, just take in a deep breath, count to ten, exhale and remind yourself that your peace of mind is more important than anything else.

Be Kind to Yourself

Last but not the least, mental health is a process that requires one to be kind on oneself, sometimes excessively so. Life is a roller-coaster and just as there are ups, there is an equal share of downs. At times like this, when you feel that the entire world has forsaken you, the only person who will stand by you, irrespective of what the reason is, is you yourself. At the end of the day, it’s best to love yourself first because that’s who we all will end up spending the rest of our lives with anyway!

Peace of mind is the most valuable thing one can possess.

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