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5 Strong Women from Popular TV Shows Who Inspire Us

They didn’t play by the rules, they changed the game instead!

We all have our favorite TV shows, shows that we’re so hooked onto that we can’t go even a day without watching it. One of the key things that makes a show worth watching, is a strong character. A character that carries the entire plot and story-line on his/her shoulders and grows to become the crux of the series. But what makes this lead character all the more special are the quirks, eccentricities, the strength, kindness and uniqueness that he / she brings along with themselves. Usually, protagonists of most shows and movies are men. Strong and determined male characters whose charisma always manages to win us over. But, what makes this tribute ultra-special is the fact that it raises a toast to not the men, but to the strong women protagonists who makes a show worth the money while teaching us all a lesson about what really counts!

Temperance Brennan – Bones

Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who assists the FBI on their most high-profile and difficult cases, has got to be one of the strongest female leads ever to be developed by any script writer. This strong-willed, brilliant character played by Emily Deschanel overcomes adversity and unthinkable life circumstances and grows stronger and more stable with each passing episode. Though some may find her character intimidating, but that’s only because her exceptional levels of intelligence usually surpass those around her. Quite like an onion, the various layers to the character only makes her more appealing, human and stronger as she commands the screen space by the second. If you’re looking to find inspiration in someone whose mind is her most powerful weapon, then she’s the (wo)man!

Picture Courtesy – graciepie1250.wordpress.com

Leslie Knope – Parks & Recreation

If you’ve not seen Parks & Recreation, then we strongly recommend that you do, not because of the wonderfully simple plot that never fails to make you laugh, but because of the leading lady in this sitcom – Leslie Knope. Leslie’s friendships and devotion to those she cares about is one of the strongest themes in the show and perhaps one of the most relatable. Her never say die attitude and her determination to push the limits to where no one could possibly think of going, is both commendable and inspirational. Her infectious enthusiasm and her zest for life and everything that comes along the way, makes you believe in the fact that if you work hard enough for something, it can be achieved, irrespective of what others might have to say. If you’re looking for a role model then Leslie Knope, with her million-dollar smile and her upbeat ways should be right there in the running.

Picture Courtesy – www.bustle.com

Amy Farrah Fowler – Big Bang Theory

Of all the shows that this generation has seen, The Big Bang Theory has got to be one of the most popular of the lot. The plot, fairly straight forward, comprises a bunch of rag-tag scientists, their stunningly beautiful neighbor and their hilarious shenanigans. Of all the characters that you’ll come across in this show, Amy Farrah Fowler, a fellow neurobiologist, was initially introduced as a supporting character. However, her infectious personality, her intellectual prowess and her downright adorable attitude, soon made her an integral role in the popular sitcom. But, what is most important is the fact that the character of Amy Farrah Fowler allows us to believe in the fact that women can inspire and excel in a field (science) that is usually believed to be dominated by our male counterparts.

Picture Courtesy – www.nbcconnecticut.com

Annalise Keating – How to Get Away with Murder

Perhaps one of the most intense characters portrayed in modern day television, Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis, is one such character that inspires us in many ways. A lawyer, pursuing her career in a male dominated industry, Annalise knows how to hold her ground, even when things go from the frying pan into the fire. The strong and powerful boss that we love to see in every woman, curiously, Annalise’ “unlikeability” is what makes her so inspirational. Don’t let the hard exterior shell fool you though, complex and equally sensitive, Annalise is the perfect example of a woman who embodies the saying ‘the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.’ Her lifelike persona, who battles with real scars and shortcomings and comes out the other side as a victor, is truly an inspiration to all of us.

Picture Courtesy – www.huffingtonpost.com

Khaleesi – Game of Thrones

Undoubtedly one of the most popular female characters in one of the most popular TV shows that is currently being aired. The Mother of Dragons or as everyone likes to fondly call her Khaleesi, played by Emilia Clarke is strength and power personified. Set in times when men ruled the roost, Khaleesi is seen battling all odds as she pursues her rightful occupancy of the Iron Throne without flinching so much as once. Yes, she may have had help from some trusted friends and her babies, the dragons, but what is commendable is her sheer confidence and her ability to bring people together when all the odds are against her. Moreover, the fact that she is way more than just a pretty face is proved through her sound political acumen and her judicious nature of ruling. People have tried to dominate her, ‘put her back in her place as a woman’ and best her in several ways, but to no avail. All these things put together, makes our Khaleesi truly an inspiration and a great one at that!

Picture Courtesy – wccftech.com

Throw these ladies to the wolves and they’ll return leading the pack!

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