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5 Summer Coolers That Can Be Life-Savers

Summertime…when the water gets hotter and the drinks get colder!

Imagine this. The sky is the clearest form of blue with cotton candy clouds taking the shape of your fantasies. The pristine sea below mirrors the clarity and the colour of the sky. The sand beneath your feet is warm, white and sparkling like diamonds and you’re basking on a lounge chair under the shade of coconut trees with a cool drink in your hands. Makes a pretty picture, doesn’t it? Many consider summertime to be the best time of the year. The flowers look brighter, the trees look greener, you get some of the best fruits and vegetables, the weather is perfect for travelling and there’s plenty of vitamin D in the form of sunshine to go around. However, summertime can also be brutal in its own ways. As the days become longer, they become hotter as well. But worry not, with these super easy and breezy summer coolers by your side, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber.

summer cool cooler drink refresh energize healthy nutritious delicious fruits watermelon peach

Watermelon – Peach

A match made in heaven, watermelon and peach combination is just what you need this season. Many (if not all) will agree with us when we say that there are few things that represent summertime more than a chilled slice of watermelon. Growing up as kids, letting the watermelon juice running down our cheeks as we bit into it, was joy unbound. And as for peaches, well, they were a luxury. There was nothing more indulgent that biting into the orange-red blush of a peach. Therefore, it’s obvious that watermelon and peach coolers become the subject of everyone’s desire during the hotter months of the year. Sweet, refreshing with the perfect amount of tang, watermelon-peach cooler should definitely be a part of your summertime menu.

summer cool cooler drink refresh energize healthy nutritious delicious fruits super-food strawberry rose

Strawberry – Rose

Strawberry – rose, sounds as poetic as it tastes! If the combination didn’t sound appealing enough, here are a few reasons why strawberry – rose makes a perfect cooler for the season. Not only are strawberries juicy, summery and delicious, they’re a bonafide super-food, as well. Packed with antioxidants (like vitamin C) and extremely rich in nutrients, strawberries are one of the few things that are super healthy and super delicious as well. And when this fruity, sweet and sour flavor is merged with the heady, lilting aroma of the rose, you can close your eyes and bet on the fact that the result will be nothing short of fabulous. Sweet, refreshing and gorgeously unique, strawberry-rose cooler is great for hot summer afternoons accompanied with a light enough for brunch!

summer cool cooler drink refresh energize healthy nutritious delicious fruits cucumber lime detox

Cucumber – Lime

What could personify summer better than cucumber and lime. Cucumber and lime, individually, are great for the heat. They help cool down the body and keeps you healthy and feeling refreshed. Now, if they have these effects by themselves, you can only imagine how good cucumber and lime can be for you when put together! There are several recipes where you can use a cucumber and lime combination. You can make a cucumber and lime cooler and add a generous amount of mint leaves. You could go for a classic cucumber and lime lemonade with ice cubes to take the edge off the heat and you could even go for a cucumber and lime ice slushy which is bound to cool you down.  However, one of the most interesting things you can make with this combination for summertime is detox water, where you put generous amounts of cucumber and lime in water and chill it overnight to create a great ‘on-the-go’ drink, that will keep you refreshed and that you can sip throughout the day.

summer cool cooler drink refresh energize healthy nutritious delicious fruits herb mango coriander antioxidant

Mango – Coriander

This one’s a bit unusual. For those who have tried this combination, you’ll know that there are very few things that are as refreshing as a tangy, sweet, earthy mango and coriander cooler. The reason why this combination is so great is because the natural sweetness of the mango and the earthy nuttiness of the coriander together is a marriage made in heaven. Both mango and coriander are products that are high in anti-oxidants. While coriander helps purge the body of all heavy metals that we may have ingested along the way, mangoes are rich in vitamins and minerals that assure optimum health. So, whether you’re just trying to be healthy or just want to cleanse your body of all the hidden toxins, this refreshing blend of fruit and herb will serve the purpose and satisfy your taste buds as well. Besides, when the king of fruit decides to join hands with the emperor of herbs, the result can be nothing short of royal!

summer cool cooler drink refresh energize healthy nutritious delicious fruits orange ginger

Orange – Ginger

Zingy, tangy and lip-smackingly delicious, the last of our summer coolers comes in the unique blend of orange and ginger. The citrus-y goodness of the orange and the zesty zing of the ginger is exactly what you need if you’re looking to reboot and rejuvenate. From the taste point of view, this catapults itself to the top, but the best part is that it has a lot of other benefits as well. The one thing that we’re all asked to do during summer is to keep hydrating ourselves. The heat results in excessive sweating and excessive sweating results in loss of bodily fluids. A refreshing orange and ginger, cooler is perfect for getting rid of fluid loss and keeping yourself hydrated through the hottest months of the year. So when it gets really hot out there, don’t forget to get yourself one of these.

When it gets this hot, the only option is to keep it cool!

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