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5 Things About Business That Iron Man Teaches You

We all have a superhero living inside of us!

2008 was a marquee year. Why? That’s the year when the first Iron Man movie was released and all our lives became a little bit better! Now, we’re not saying under any circumstance that Iron Man IS and WILL BE the best superhero of all times, we do understand and respect the difference of opinion that a few (or many) of you reading this may have, but let’s face it, Iron Man is pretty cool and in so many different ways. For those of you who do not know, Iron Man is the superhero avatar of genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and owner of Stark Industries, Tony Stark, from the Marvel comic universe. Like any other superhero, Iron Man too has his strengths and his flaws, and it is this mix of personality traits and abilities that makes this character so human and relatable. However, what draws most people to Iron Man is the fact that his character development over the years has been to interesting and insightful. Apart from giving us major superhero goals (and the fact that Robert Downy Jr. plays his role on screen is definitely a huge plus point), here are a few things that Iron Man (and Tony Stark) teaches us about business and how to go about emerging as a winner in life!

Be Street Smart

There are very few people who can best Iron Man or Tony Stark when it comes to wit and street smartness. It is this quality of his that makes him attractive and an individual to reckon with. While there’s a very thin line separating street smart from downright rude, we see Iron Man always winning when it comes to maintaining a balance by not crossing the line. This quality of quick wit coupled with the thorough understanding of what to say at the right time is an essential quality that people in business should develop and learn from Iron Man.

Dress to Impress

We all know how important creating a strong first impression is, especially when you’re in business. Every professionals goal is to walk into a room and make heads turn while doing so. When it comes to the direct correlation between how sharp you dress and the impact it has on other people, Iron Man is the champion. Whenever he enters a room, everybody literally stops what they’re doing to look up at him. A few seconds is all he needs to establish the fact that he has entered and he means business, a reaction every professional should learn how to command.

Be passionate

Iron Man is nothing if not passionate. Yes, he may face a few hiccups along the way that he may need to overcome, but once he’s into something, there’s no getting out until the task is completed and completed well. This passion and fire of getting things done well is something that every business man and woman needs to learn from Iron Man because only when you’re passionate about what you, you’ll be able to excel in it. Be it saving the world or taking Stark Industry to new heights, you know when Iron Man’s on the job, it’s going to get done in the best way possible.

Stand for Something

Another thing that the character of Iron Man stands for is always sticking to a belief system. In today’s cut throat world, every professionals runs the risk of coming across a lot of naysayers. In fact, every step along the way of achieving your goals, if you have one person encouraging you, you’ll give five people telling you that you can’t do it. In situations like this, the best thing that you can do is stand up for what you believe in and stick to it, no matter what other people say. A thriving business depends upon how the leader navigates around challenges and when you have Iron Man’s belief system instilled in you, there’s no way anyone can stop you from achieving what you’ve set out to in the first place.

Your Best Bet is Yourself

Last but not the least, while any journey is incomplete without some help from well-wishers and loved ones, it is important for the person undertaking it to have faith in oneself. Of all the things that Iron Man is, he is definitely the epitome of confidence. The surety with which he acts is unparalleled, which in turns ensures a very high success rate with respect to achieving the goal which he set out to. So, if you’re starting or already running a business, then it is important for you to take a leaf out of Iron Man’s book and build a level of self-confidence that no one can ever dispute.

“Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both?” – Iron Man

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