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5 Things That Will Help You Meet New People & Make New Friends

A simple hello could lead to a million things.

When you’re young, making friends and meeting new people happens naturally. We’re less inhibited, we care less of what other people think about us, we don’t usually bother thinking about the consequences and the thrill of bumping into someone new is quite exciting. Unfortunately, the more we grow up, the more inhibited we get. We begin to consider consequences and suddenly, the thought of meeting someone new and making new friends under unknown circumstances becomes quite terrifying. Well, no one said ‘adult-ing’ was going to be easy and the truth is that we need all the help and encouragement that we can get along the way. One of the best forms of ensuring that you’re on the receiving (and giving) end of this encouragement is by constantly making the effort to meet new people and make new friends. In principle, having someone to talk to and fall back on is a good way to get through the rollercoaster ride that is life. However, another drawback of ‘adult-ing’ is that as we grow up, we grow apart and one fine day, we find that the people who were once closest to us are no longer in the same city, only a few minutes away from home. Which is why, logically, it makes sense to make new friends along the way and while it may not be as easy as it may sound, it is most definitely possible. Here are some five things that will help you meet new people and make new friends, irrespective of whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert.

Draw out current people

A place that you’re familiar with is the best place to start. One of the easiest ways to meet new people and make new friends is actually through old mates. So, when you find yourself alone, the first action point to your strategy should be to draw out the people you already know and look for common connections. Reconnecting with friends of friends, who you may have met years ago at a social gathering, is a good plan A.

Step out of the comfort zone

Human beings are creatures of habit. As we grow up we find things that we are comfortable doing and when we do, we tend to stick to them. However, even though somewhere along the line, these repetitive, cyclical actions bring us comfort and a secure sense of being, they are in essence, monotonous. Which is why if we want to extend our social circle, we must dare to do something difference and move out of our comfort zone.


Now that you’ve moved out of your comfort zone, what is the next step? When you’re thinking of meeting new people and making new friends, moving out of your comfort zone is the first step, following which we must begin exploring. From new hobbies and interests to new social destinations which you would never consider on an everyday basis, exploring directly results in making acquaintances with people you’ve never met before.

Be adventurous

This process of forcing yourself to venture out into unexplored territories is not enough, if you want to make new friends, meet new people and in a sense bring in a sense of completion to your life, then the thing you need to be is adventurous. The fear of talking to new people exists only in our head and once we’re adventurous in the pursuit of what makes our heart swell three times with happiness, getting to the end only becomes easier.

Open up

Last but not the least, none of the above will be possible unless and until we decide to open up. The minute we being closing ourselves off from the surroundings and the people around us, that minute we’re shutting ourselves from adventures, explorations and the pleasure of meeting new people and making new friends. Therefore, in order to enjoy one of the most fulfilling experiences of life – friendship and the simple pleasures of meeting someone who you’ve never met before – then open up, broaden your horizons, be adventurous, go out and explore and never give up.

Meeting new people and making new friends are definitely some of the best things of life!

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