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5 Types of People Every Office Has!

Where have I seen this person before?

Every office has its own type of “people”! But what is really interesting is the fact that you’ll always run into a few that are common in no matter which office you are. Once you’ve worked in enough offices and you’ve been around enough people, you start getting a sense of déjà vu. That strange sense of familiarity that you’ve seen this person before! Well, funnily enough, no matter where you go to, you’re more than likely to make acquaintance with a few people who happen to share the characteristic traits and quirks like your colleagues from your previous work place.  Here are five types of people that you’ll find in every office.

work office workplace colleague friend people quirky silent tea break laugh friend

The Chai Guy

Every office has that person one who always drinks tea. He / she is crazy about tea, can always be seen with a cup in hand and is probably the person who takes the most number of tea breaks! By chance if you catch them without a cuppa then you now that somethings not right! If you’re the chai guy of your office, you’re probably very affable, fun loving, relaxed and everyone’s friend, because you know what they say…that friendships are built around the water cooler, well, it holds true for around the kettle as well!

office people colleague fun quirk selfie picture

The Selfie Taker

Let’s take a selfie yaaaa! Familiar with that sentence? If you are, then either your office bestie is the office selfie taker or you are! there’s always that one person in office who somehow finds the time and place to sneak in a quick selfie. It could be during lunch, while on a tea break, while waiting for a call, before a meeting and sometimes, in between on as well. if you’re the selfie taker in your office, then chances are you’re the happy, fun to-go person for anyone who’s feeling a little blue and needs a quick dose of pick me up! At the end of the day, no matter what people say, at least you are bringing a smile to other peoples’ face along with yours!

work office workplace colleague friend people quirky silent concentrate

The Silent Worker

Less is more, and if you’re the silent working types, then you couldn’t agree more. Every office has a silent worker who gets in, completes the work and gets out. These people are the ones who believe in eliminating any and all external distractions so that they can give their undivided attention to their work. These are the guys who have a plan and know how to follow it. But don’t get them wrong, it’s not like they’re an introvert and avoids social contact, they just believe in getting the job done as fast as possible. For all you know getting to know them outside the workplace is the chance you need to catch their other side.

work office workplace colleague friend people quirky fashion trendy style

The Fashionista

So you’re in office, you’ve started work just like everyone else and all of a sudden, you see all heads turn towards one direction. When this happens, it could mean only one thing – the fashionista has entered office! If you’re the office fashionista, then you’re the person who is up to date with all the latest fashion trends and styles. You know exactly what colour and what cut you have to wear for what season. When you go for a meeting or a pitch, all eyes are on you as you know how to dazzle everyone with your outfit as well as your personality.  While people may think you’re all fluff and no stuff, you know better, because after all, it’s best to keep both your heels and standards high!

work office workplace colleague friend people quirky silent workaholic

The Work Maniac

These ones are exactly opposite to the silent workers. Every office has a work maniac, a complete workaholic, who, no matter what time of the day you catch, is busy. These people are always on the go and always seem to be in a hurry, be it to catch a deadline or a cab to the airport. Be in 5 in the evening or 4 in the morning, these people are always reachable and are ready to respond to a text and/or email at the drop of the hat. However, work maniacs are usually the ones who are intensely passionate about their work and love doing it, which is probably why you’ll always find them with their noses in their laptops.

So, which one are you?!

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