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5 Ways to Deal with Stress This Week

How often do you get stressed out during the week?

These days when you ask someone how they have been or how their day was, the answers that we are greeted with are usually ‘so stressed out’ or ‘it has been so stressful’ or ‘the stress is just killing me’. Cheery, right? Like going on a diet, stress, today, has become a trend. Everyone seems to be succumbing to it and everyone seems to be suffering from it but what is worrisome, is that no one seems to know what to do to get rid of it. The irony is that stress has become such an integral part of all our lives that we have somehow accepted the fact that no matter what we do, it will still be there. It’s like we’ve gotten too used to it being a part of our lives to want to do anything about it. However, getting used to something (no matter how comfortable it sounds), that to like stress, is bad and when we see ourselves getting stuck in that vicious cycle, we should do whatever we can to stay positive, work hard, make it happen and get out of it. Not controlled at the right time, stress can have some severe side effects on our body, mind and health. But as they say, when there’s a problem, it’s always better to tackle it head on rather than sitting and doing nothing about it. And to ensure that you never reach that stage, here are 5 really simple and fun things you can do to ensure that your week (and life) is stress free!

Give a Hug

A hug is one of the best medicines when it comes to dealing with stress. The reason why hugs are a natural stress reliever is because when you hug or get hugged, the amount of stress hormones, Cortisol, produced in our body reduces immediately. When this hormone is reduced, it makes our body release tension and it sends calming messages to our brain which automatically results in creating a stress free situation. So, the next time you find yourself feeling bogged down by all the stress, just go and get yourself a hug.

Do Some Gardening

Gardening is a great stress buster. Whether it’s with the family or by yourself, some quality time spent in the garden with all the flora and fauna around you can really work wonders with respect to dealing with stress. Research has shown that being surrounded by plants and flowers and trees helps create a positive mood and reduces levels of stress. The earth is a symbol of tranquility and when you get one with the dirt and soil, you automatically imbue a sense of calm that helps you keep the stress levels under control.

Revisit Your Childhood

We all have fond memories from or childhood, where the only thing that we had to worry about was finding everyone on time while playing hide and seek. Sometimes, revisiting our childhood days is the best way to deal with stress. Enter, adult coloring books! The concept of adult coloring books is based on the principle of immersing yourself in an activity that helps your mind reboot itself without you realizing it. Bright colors in general are therapeutic, bring in a coloring book and you’ve got yourself a childhood pastime that helps adults relieve stress. Those stress free, cotton candy days did more than just make us smile, it taught us that sometimes, the best thing to do is to let yourself get lost in something that you love.

YouTube to the Rescue

The best thing you can do when you’re under a lot of stress is just switch yourself off from whatever is the trigger and focus on something else entirely. This is where our trusted friend and loyal companion, YouTube, comes in! YouTube is everyone’s ‘go to’ when it comes to de-stressing. From videos to good music, from documentaries to short animations, YouTube is a power house of content that is waiting for you to come and explore. Of all the things available on YouTube, the short funny film clips are the ones that work wonders. Laughter is a proven way to ease stress, the more you laugh, the lighter and happy you feel. Apart from calming us down, studies show that these videos increase blood flow to the heart, both of which are important when it comes to dealing with stress.

Eat Chocolates

We’ve been saving the best for the last. One of the best ways of dealing with stress is eating chocolates. Now, an act as divine as eating chocolates really does not need a reason but when you have a solid one as this, it makes it all the more legitimate. Chocolates, especially dark chocolate, is filled with antioxidants. When you get all fired up, these antioxidants help in relaxing your blood vessels which in turn reduces stress levels and makes you calm. Whenever work (or life in general) starts getting overwhelming, remember – a chocolate a day keeps the stress at bay!

The trick is to set peace of mind as your primary goal. Once you do that everything else will organize itself around it.

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