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5 Ways to Style the Elegant Raga Foliage Watches

Your style is an expression of who you are, your personality, your eccentricities and what makes you unique.

What you wear and how you dress is what defines you. In a time where making a good first impression is really important, you need to dress right and dress to impress, for that matter. At the end of the day, fashion is what you buy but style is what you do with it. Here are 5 super slick and super stylish watches from the newest collection from Titan, Titan Foliage, that you must have in your wardrobe to make sure that no matter what the occasion is, you look exquisite and elegant, much like the timepieces themselves.

Titan watch timepiece classic elegant beautiful event occasion sophisticated suave foliage collection acacia

For the Executive

Today, women are making their mark in every sphere. From education to IT, from communication to finance, women are here and are making heads turn wherever they go. When the situation is such, it calls for not only playing the part well and getting the job done, but dressing right while doing so as well. Epitomizing today’s dynamic fashion and personality, every working woman needs the right kind of accessory to complete her ensemble, and boy do we have just the one for you. The Acacia leaf inspired watch from the Titan Foliage collection symbolizes elegant charm along with suave sophistication, just the thing that every super woman needs to make the impression she is looking for.

Titan watch timepiece classic elegant beautiful event occasion sophisticated suave foliage collection mentha

For a Friend’s Wedding

We all know how difficult it is to get the perfect outfit ready for your friend’s wedding. What colour should we go for, what’s the right shoe for the outfit, which accessories do we pick, can be quite a pickle, right? What such an occasion requires is something that is so captivating and elegant that it would just tie your entire look together. This piece from the Foliage collection captures the freshness of a Mint leaf in the magical scenery of the dawn. The carefully placed Swarovski crystals shine as dew drops on the intricately crafted leaves in the bracelet. Its simplistic dial balances the shimmer of the design makes it the perfect addition for you’re the wedding look.

Titan watch timepiece classic elegant beautiful event occasion sophisticated suave foliage collection blueberry

For Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch with the besties is something that we all look forward to. Relaxation with your girlfriends serves as a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the week. Given the fact that Sunday brunch is the perfect time and place to unwind, it goes without saying that you must look the part to feel it. So, when you’re dressing for the big afternoon, this classic timepiece from the Foliage collection, inspired by the leaves of the Blueberry plant is just what you need to bring in the brunch feel. This collection captures the elongated leaves of a Blueberry bush. The bracelet links are made to represent the outlining shape the leaf and the dial recreates the microscopic view of the veins of a leaf. With polished free swinging bracelets, this watch is a fitting piece to the Sunday brunch puzzle.

Titan watch foliage collection timepiece classic elegant beautiful event occasion sophisticated suave maidenhair

For the First Date

One of the most significant occasions of our lives is a first date. Whether it’s the first time you’re meeting the special someone or celebrating a memorable day together, being ready and rearing to go for that first date is a very important thing. The unique shape of the leaf of Maidenhair tree finds an expression in this design from the Titan Foliage collection, making it delicate yet impactful, perfect for the first date. The Swarovski crystals placed on each time piece represents the blooms of the tiny flowers of the tree and the veins of leaf are impressed on the leaves to form a free swing bracelets. With a relieving lapped dial, it’s crafted with a design that is bound to make the heart skip a beat.

Titan watch timepiece classic elegant beautiful event occasion sophisticated suave foliage collection aspen

For the Red Carpet

Needless to say, when we dress we always need to look like we’re ready for the red carpet. What you wear not only should reflect beauty on the outside, but should adequately capture your beauty from within. This design accentuates the veins on the leaves of the Aspen tree. The dial diligently captures the microscopic view of the veins on the leaf. With a solid half-kada bracelet, this is just what you need to turn up at the next big event like an a-list celebrity.

People will stare, it’s just best to make it worth their while!

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