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5 Winter Trends That Are Too Cool for School

Who needs a runway when the world can be your ramp!

Fashion has a way of taking on the persona of a season – floral prints during spring, bright pops of color during summer and stylized ‘wellies’ during monsoons. But of all the seasons that come and go, there’s something unique and alluring about winter. The most intriguing thing about fashion is that it is always in a state of flux. Things are constantly changing and there’s always room for ‘more’ and winter, coincidently, is the classic example of ‘more’ – more holidays, more fun and most importantly, more layers! Winter as a season lends itself to a lot of experimentation with respect to fashion and is more than just piling up clothes and looking like an Eskimo. It’s that time of the year where we have a lot of fun with layers, colors, cuts, silhouettes and of course, accessories. Whether it’s mix and match or a classic ensemble pieced together with a theme in mind, winter wear is all about expressing style without compromising on individuality. Just because it’s cold out there, it does not mean that we give up on fashion, it only means that we need to be a little more creative while dressing up. To ensure that your fashion game is on point this season, here are 5 winter trends that are too cool for school and that you should have in your wardrobe at the ready!

Extra Long Sleeves

Do you remember the days when you were asked to fold your extra-long sleeves for the want of looking sloppy? Well, true to the karmic nature of fashion, extra-long sleeves are in and is a hot trend this winter season. The intentionally unkempt look is doing the rounds and long sleeves definitely seems like a runway style that everybody can pull off, and the most fun thing about this trend is that you can actually make your sleeve the accessory! Be it a sweatshirt or a shrug, let your sleeve do the talking.


Let’s admit it, we secretly wish for it to get a little chilly just so that we can take out our overcoats and flaunt them on our way to work or Sunday brunch. What makes overcoats an undying trend is its versatility and the fact that you can pair it up with whatever it is your wearing. Whether it’s a dress, a pant suit or a skirt, a well-tailored overcoat never fails to perfectly tie together an ensemble. So, instead of packing away your summer clothes, layer them with an overcoat to stay on trend.

Denim Bonanza

Somethings never go out of style. Denim, an ever green classic of the fashion industry, continues to find its way back to the runway every season and never fails to create a style statement, irrespective of how hot or cold it gets. So, naturally, when it comes to winter trends that are too cool for school, denim is one of them. From printed denim dresses, embellished jackets, painted skirts, distressed boyfriend jeans and even suits, it’s one of the best things to wear during winter because it keeps you warm and snug while keeping up with the trend of the season.

Chunky Sweaters

Over-sized is in. The only thing constant in fashion (and in life so to say), is change. This winter, there’s something new on the block. While sleek and well fitted never fails to make a mark, this season chunky and moreish seems to be the way to go. Whether it’s an old vintage sports team sweater or a new knit, chunky sweaters are super cosy and easy to layer underneath, making them one of the absolute best winter wear essentials. Pair your chunky sweater with leggings or slim jeans and a tank top underneath and you’re all set to set the season ablaze.

Statement Timepiece

What’s so wonderful about winter wear is the fact that we can be creative without compromising on our individualistic style and what better way to express this than through a statement timepiece that reflects your personality and that you can rock anywhere. A true testimony to the inherent qualities that constitutes a strong, independent individual, The Titan Raga Aurora Collection is all about the natural, powerful glow that emits from within and without. Epitomizing today’s dynamic fashion and personality, Ada from the Aurora collection is crafted for women who makes heads turn with her resplendent beauty and is the timepiece that is bound to make heads turn this winter!

So, when it gets a little too cold out there, you know exactly what to do. Winter is coming, it’s time to heat things up a little bit.

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