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A Little Bit of Inspiration and Philosophy!

A good book is one that inspires you to become a better person and makes you think with every page that you turn.

A lot can be said about the person based on the book he / she chooses to read. Some say that books are like your best friends. When you need a shoulder to cry on – you can fall back on a book, when you feel like celebrating – you can fall back on a book and when you’re bored and have nothing to do – you can spend time with your book. Books remove our ignorance, add to our knowledge, improves our vocabulary skills and enables us to cope with whatever emotion we might need dealing with at a given point of time. Your companion through hail and storm, here’s a list of great books that you can take with you to bed, for the times when you’re looking out for some encouragement, perspective, motivation and inspiration.

book read inspiration motivation philosophy perspective people obstacle oversome support

Chicken Soup for the Soul

An absolute classic that has been handed down through generations, Chicken Soup for the Soul, never stops being relevant. A curated piece of work that comprises inspirational stories about ordinary people’s live, the book became a social phenomenon simply because of how the people who were reading it could relate to it. From stories of happiness to one’s that deal with overcoming obstacles against all odds, this collection of stories and inspirational experiences is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a morale boost. The best thing about this book is the fact that when your read it, it almost seems as if it’s empathizing with you. The larger than life stories and the heroes on whom it is based on almost becomes your friend, who helps you through your own rough patch.

book read inspiration motivation philosophy perspective comic fun

Calvin and Hobbes

People usually take inspirational reads to be a bit on the serious side. It just goes to show that sometimes, even the best of us are wrong. In the number two position of inspirational bedtime reads comes in one of the worlds most loved child and tiger duo – Calvin and Hobbes. What Bill Watterson manages to do through this quirky comic surpasses most of its peers in the genre. The treatment of everyday, thought provoking issues and the representation of it through Calvin’s mischievous antics along with his partner in crime Hobbes, manages to really strike a nerve and put things in perspective. Through this comic strip, Bill Watterson manages to address issues that concern the trifles of life to cosmic truths, from everyday situations to matters concerning the planet and environment. At the end of the day, whether it’s good old fashion “bringing the house down” or one of the endless adventures of Calvin’s many alter-egos, this boy and tiger duo falls nothing short of being two of the most inspirational characters of all times!

book read inspiration motivation philosophy people journey life

Tuesday’s with Morrie

A memoir written by American author, Mitch Albom, the brilliance of this book lies in its simplicity. A touching novel that focuses on the value of a relationship between two people, Tuesday’s with Morrie canvases the importance of communication, love, values, openness, and happiness. How communication matters, love keeps us going, values keep us grounded, openness reduces doubt and how happiness can be achieved through simple pleasures instead of materialistic aspirations. A simple book that softly lulls you to sleep, Tuesday’s with Morrie is just the read you’re looking for if you’re in search of hope, faith and love.

book read inspiration motivation philosophy perspective

Five People You Meet in Heaven

Another one in the repertoire by Mitch Albom, Five People You Meet in Heaven is another classic piece of work that will touch your heart and soul, without you even realizing it. A reflective narration of the journey of life and death, as you delve deeper, you’ll find yourself relating to the protagonist more and more. His reflections become yours, his realizations become yours and his epiphanies become yours. As you move through the pages, at some point you realize that you’ve become one with the character and you emerge with a sense of understanding and inspiration.

book read inspiration nature motivation philosophy perspective people life

Short Stories by John Steinbeck

Last but not the least, the collection of short stories by John Steinbeck should definitely be a part of the inspirational reads section of your home library. Steinbeck, known for his inspirational and philosophical stories, focuses mainly on the fact that life is a unity and that man is one with nature. During his time, Steinbeck was one of the most acclaimed authors whose works were received with a lot of applause and saw a lot of popularity, its continued relevance, even today, is a true testimony of its evergreen nature. Some of Steinbeck’s finest and most inspirational short stories are The Red Pony, Chrysanthemums, East of Eden among others.

The true magic of an inspirational book is that you become a part of everything that it offers. As Dr. Seuss said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

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