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A Well-Dressed Professional Has a Lasting First Impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

It’s your first day at work. You’re nervous about what people will think of you and what they’ll have to say. You walk down the corridor, nervousness and anxiety at its peak…and no one notices you! Now, in a situation like this, what is worse? The fact that you’re worried about what people might think of you or the fact that no one has noticed you in the first place? Well, if you think about it, both these problems are interconnected. When you’re a professional (more so if it’s your first job) it’s very important to look your best. Emphasis on your appearance at the work place may seem superficial but it’s not completely as pointless as it seems. First impressions are lasting, when someone looks at you for the first time, they form an initial opinion of you, how you work and what kind of a person you may be and if you’re not on point with that you run the risk of being type casted into being lazy, sloppy or even unimpressive in certain cases. Our appearances play a huge role in how people perceive us in everyday life and here are a few reasons why a well-dressed professional must always have a lasting first impression

Breaks Stereotypes

Office fashion has a long history. Usually people associate dark, neutral and sober shades with appropriate office wear. If you’re a man and you’re not wearing stiff collared and neatly pressed formals, you’re judged and if you’re a woman who decides to move away from the generic pant suit you run the same risk. However, today office fashion has been redefined. It has moved away from the dull and has embraced bright colors, prints and quirky accessories as well. By dressing according to your personality, every office goer can make a lasting first impression that breaks stereotypes, that could work wonders in several different ways.

Strengthens Character

The way you dress plays a very important role in strengthening your character. The logical progression of this is fairly simple. When you dress well, people take notice of you. when people take notice of you, you automatically feel good and when you start feeling good and comfortable at your workplace, you are free to explore your potential and broaden your horizons as a professional. Creating situations that facilitate growth and character building is one of the most important goals that every professional should have. By dressing well and creating a lasting first impression, you’re only enabling yourself to strengthen your character.

Builds Confidence

The fact that when we look good, we feel good too, is no secret. When you’re standing in front of the mirror and you can see yourself looking smart and stylish, you automatically start feeling more sure about yourself. Research shows that there is direct correlation with how you dress and confidence levels, meaning, the more impressively you dress the more confident you are. The clothes you wear changes what people hear you say. We all like it when we make heads turn and dressing to create a lasting first impression is definitely a step towards that. Look sharp, be sharp and feel sharp, that should be every professional’s motto!

High Recall Factor

We all want to be that one employee who everyone remembers and more importantly that one employee who everyone is sad to see leave. But, this can’t be achieved unless you make an effort to cement all the right sentiments from the very beginning. The trick here is to build a very high recall factor, almost like how a brand would position themselves on their communication channels to ensure a high consumer connect and recall. This trick can be achieved if you dress to impress and create a lasting first impression. When you dress well and come to work, people notice and more importantly, they remember, which is essential when it comes to creating top of mind recall.

First Impression is the Last Impression

Even though many associate superficiality with the phrase ‘first impression is the last impression’, the fact is that it has a lot of truth in it. While we can always work towards changing the opinion other people have of us, it’s easier if the first impression we make is a solid one. Whether we realize it or not, visual associations go a long way and when we have an option of making one that lasts for a long time, why not work towards leaving a mark!

First impressions are important. While a book should not be judged by its cover, very few people will attempt reading it if the cover s not inviting enough.

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