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Activities That Train the Brain

It all begins and ends with your brain.

Did you know that the average brain is believed to generate around 50,000 thoughts per day! Pretty cool, isn’t it? For an organ that is inarguably the most important one in our body, the brain requires its own set of exercises and activities to keep it on its toes. In a generation where multi-tasking is the name of the game, we need to provide our brain with all the help that we can give to make it sharper, better and faster. Here are 5 really cool activities that you can do every day which will help you train your brain.

brain mind sharpen activity exercise workout rejuvenate relax sharpen healthy

Regular Exercise

Our brain is no different from our bodies, if you don’t use it, you lose it! No one can ever overlook the positive effects regular exercise has on the body as well as the mind. Research shows that a good, exhaustive workout helps your brain to stay sharp and helps it grow from multiple fronts. Additionally, exercise increases heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain which in turn helps in the growth of brain cells. It also facilitates an increase in cognitive functions. Just remember, when you’re working out at the gym, anything that’s good for your heart is good for your brain as well. Apart from relieving stress and rejuvenating you for the next day, regular exercise boosts brain building hormones, fights depression and anxiety (which could possibly be two of the worst enemies your brain could have), it improves the brains executive functioning and last but not the least, helps improve performance as well.

brain mind sharpen activity write pen paper technology laptop

Write more type less

People today don’t need to be taught how to use the tablet or the computer these days, it’s almost as if somewhere down the line, we all imbibed the workings and the knowledge of how to do it, and the kids, it’s like they were born with the gift of technology. While this is good in way, as everything today is dependent on knowing how to operate a machine, the art of writing (literally writing with a pen on paper) is dwindling away. And while we may not understand it’s importance, writing has its own set of importance for the brain and its development. It is said that the act of writing itself can reduce stress, which helps improve focus and attention, thereby making you more efficient and increasing your ability to think on your feet. Additionally, writing helps build up your memory and gives your brain cells a good old fashioned workout. So, the next time you’re thinking of training your brain, instead of turning on your laptop, write something!

brain mind sharpen activity workout memory map names challenge

Game of states

One great way to ensure that your brain gets all the training it needs it to keep challenging it and to not let it sit idle. One really easy and fun way of doing this is by playing something called “the game of states”. The rules are really simple, when you have a few minutes to spare, instead of turning on the idiot box, why not try spending your time naming all the states of the USA?! Sounds a little ridiculous right? You’ll be surprised as to how effective such activities are when it comes to training the brain. Getting yourself to push your brain is all about indulging in activities that can be considered as a challenge, activities that will actually require you to think and get those gears inside the head moving. And the best part is, more often than not, you’ll find yourself forgetting at least one thing which makes it all the more challenging and fun. If naming states isn’t your thing then try branching into something else, for example, like naming all the kingdoms, their rulers and their family trees from Game of Thrones! ;)

Puzzle brain mind sharpen activity workout memory challenge fun


Our brain is basically divided into two separate hemispheres or lobes – one, the right lobe and the other, the left lobe. Each lobe has its own set of functioning and specializes in a particular set of tasks. The right side of the brain primarily deals with emotions and performs tasks holistically while the left side of the brain is what controls functions in a linear fashion. The ideal situation under any circumstance is when you get to utilize both sides of the brain equally, giving each part the “workout” that it needs. When we are able to use both the sides of the brain, it is then that our minds’ power is harnessed to its best potential, getting better every time we push ourselves. One way of achieving this is through regularly solving jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzle helps you exercise both the parts of your brain, where the left thinks logically and follows sequence while the right is creative, intuitive and emotional. When you try to put together a jigsaw puzzle, you harness both the powers from both sides of the brain. And after all, who doesn’t enjoy a good jigsaw puzzle, right?

number recollect brain mind sharpen activity workout memory challenge fun

Remember Numbers

Training your brain should not be a task that seems daunting. If it is, then there’s no fun involved in the activity and if there’s no fun, then our willingness to do it declines. So the challenge here is, how can we train our brain and have fun while doing it? Here’s a trick. You know how it has become a habit to have every single number that is new on our cell phones? What if you didn’t! A very good way to sharpen your brain and give those grey cells a bit of a jostle is play playing the number game. It’s very simple really, try remembering numbers off hand. From your debit card number to your credit card pin. From recollecting car number plates to identifying who is calling you without saving their numbers on your phone! The number game is fun as well as extremely good for the development of your brain.

Our mind is the most powerful weapon at our disposal, might as well sharpen it with every chance we get.

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