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Bringing in a Birthday in Office

We all lead very busy work lives. So much so, that sometimes it completely takes over us and turns us blind to the littler things that matter a lot more.

One such thing is going out of your way to usher in your colleague’s birthday in office. Birthdays are meant to be special and while as much as everybody would like to take an off on their special day, more often than not it doesn’t work out as per plan. Which is why, it is up to the rest of us to make it one worth remembering. Celebrating your colleague’s birthday is one of the simplest and selfless ways to show that your relationship with your co-workers is more than just about deadlines. Celebrating birthdays in office is more than having free cake, it is about making someone from your team feel important and valued and special. Throwing an office shindig does not need to disrupt the organic flow of work, with just a couple of kind gestures and innovative methods, you can make one of the most special days of your colleague all the more memorable. Here are some simple ides which will help you throw a great birthday bash without disrupting an entire days’ worth of work.

office birthday fun friendship colleague together bond team celebration work decorate balloons streamers colours

Make a Big Deal

Let’s admit it, when your friends make a big deal on your birthday, it feels good. So, when you go out of your way to do something extra special for your colleague on theirs, you’re creating an opportunity for someone to feel very loved. When you know that a colleague’s birthday is coming up, plan to stay behind a few hours after he/she has left to decorate their workstation. We’re talking streamers, balloons, confetti, birthday cards and anything colourful that you know will make the birthday boy / girl smile from ear to ear. So when they come into work, the first thing they’ll see is an explosion of colour on their workbench, that is bound to make even the drabbest day at work, colourful as a rainbow. It’s a simple gesture and one that is totally worth it.

office birthday fun friendship colleague together bond team happy treats cakes cupcakes snacks delicious eat food potluck celebration work

Bring Treats

What’s a birthday without some birthday treats? Cakes, cupcakes, snacks and everything that’s fun and screams birthdays. One of the best ways to do this is by turning it into a potluck. When the special day starts approaching, divide treat responsibilities among the team and colleagues. Assign one person to be in charge of bringing one thing that the birthday boy / girl loves to eat. Usually, when it comes to office birthday’s we resort to store bought cakes and we don’t think beyond the regular chips and soft drinks. This time round however, when you plan an office birthday take it up a notch and go the extra mile to make something at home. It not only makes the occasion all the more special by adding a personal touch and it’ll be all the more delicious as well. Besides, the prospect of having treats round the clock to munch on during office hours should be motivation enough!

office birthday fun friendship colleague together bond team happy games reinvent celebration work


When we think of office birthday’s it stops at cake cutting and lukewarm singing in the cafeteria. One great way to make it a celebration to remember is by introducing a special game hour during office hours. Office games is a proven way by which a strong bond can be fostered between you and your colleagues. It facilitates team work and at the end of the day, everyone ends up taking a well-deserved break and having a lot of fun. Some great office games that can be enjoyed as a group are ludo, taboo, Pictionary, carom and foosball (if you have a carom or a foosball table in office, then nothing like it) So the next time someone is celebrating their birthday at work, talk to the HR and introduce a game hour that everyone can enjoy together.

office birthday fun friendship colleague together bond team happy lunch

Office Team Lunch

Birthdays make for a great excuse to get everybody together and celebrate during lunch time. You could either order a bulk pizza deliver with some soft drinks or all go out together to a nearby restaurant and have a jolly good time feasting together on a hearty office lunch. For the birthday guy / girl, you could arrange for an extended lunch hour, where everyone from the team and get together and have a good time, chatting and enjoying some delicious food. An extra hour for lunch accompanied with great company talking about anything and everything apart from work is a great way to let someone know that he / she means a lot to you, especially on their birthdays.

office birthday fun friendship colleague together bond team happy party weekend celebration

After Party

What’s better than one celebration? Why, multiple ones, of course. At the end of the day, there’s only so much that you can do and spend so much time celebrating during work hours (we all know, that the deadlines and deliverables won’t meet themselves). So what better than doubling up the celebrations by extending it to the weekend. Everyone in the workplace needs to take time away from their desks for the party and we all deserve a break every now and then and the best way to do it is by going for a grand celebration over the weekend where everyone can let their hair down and paint the town red.

Karma is a funny thing. When you make someone smile on their special day, you’re putting out a positive force into the universe that is bound to come back to you tenfold!

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