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Cardio Alternatives for People Who Hate Running

Who said it was running or nothing!

There are two types of people who live in this world – ones who love to run and ones who would do anything to ‘run’ away from running! People who love to run would probably compare the feeling to none other, the adrenaline pumping, the race against time, the constant pushing of one’s limits to achieve more with every mile, the whole experience is uplifting and rejuvenating in itself. On the other hand, for the people who don’t like running, the very thought of exerting oneself repeatedly with muscles protesting with every step taken, is something that has a lot left to desire. However, at the end of the day, running is one of the purest forms of exercise and exercise is good for everybody but the burning question is – what is the best alternative to a good old fashioned run? Something that is both enjoyable and perfect for getting those extra few pounds out of the way. Well here’s where the good news comes – there’s not just one, but plenty! For those who hate running, here are five cardio alternatives that will ensure you get the workout that is required without having to run in the picture at all!


Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! Those who have seen ‘Finding Nemo’ and are big Dory fans will be well aware of this line. Fortunately, not only is swimming fun, it is one of the best forms of a full cardio workout, one that involves the entire body. One of the most effective ways to burn out calories, the biggest plus point of swimming as opposed to running is that it’s a low impact workout, one that is suitable for people of all ages. From cardiovascular benefits to increasing muscle strength, lung capacity and flexibility, swimming is truly the whole package.


Easier on your body than pounding your way across a pavement, one of the best things about cycling is that you are exerting yourself without really realising the amount of effort that you’re putting in, which in turn makes it more of a voluntary action than a tedious undertaking. Additionally, if you love the environment and are itching to do your bit for the planet, cycling is a great way to go green! Be it cycling to work, your fiends house or to the grocery store, when short distances are concerned, this is the best way to get in a few minutes of hardcore cardio along with doing your bit to make the Earth a better place to live in.


One of the biggest challenges with running is that somewhere along the line it becomes a chore for some people and when it goes from being something fun to something mundane, the interest in it is completely lost. Another great alternative to running is hiking and this has got to be one of the most picturesque ‘plan b’ ever to exist. Considered to be a hobby more than a work out, you cannot contest the cardiovascular benefits that hiking brings along with it.  If you’re the kind who hates running, just give yourself this piece of advice and you’re good to go – “Get lost in nature and you’ll find yourself.”

Trampoline Jumping

This one is a real surprise because you would never imagine that something which is perceived as an activity associated only with fun could actually be an alternative to running. Trampoline jumping falls under a category called ‘rebounding exercise’ which according to research is more than 50% more effective than running or jogging and is a metabolic supporting exercise and is recommended for weight loss. Easily the most fun of all the alternatives to running, trampoline jumping is a great way to get your daily dose of cardio exercise while having a ton of fun doing so!


A key contributor in keeping us young, both in mind and in spirit, in this list of alternatives to running, dancing comes with its share of benefits. From strong bones to lubricated joints, from driving overall fitness to being one of the best calorie busters ever, the best part about dancing is that besides its obvious health benefits, it plays a major role in building ourselves in society as well. And if this wasn’t enough, research even suggests that dancing helps us improves our memory given that we need to recall so many steps and movements, which in turn helps us become more efficient and productive. So the next time someone asks you to go for a jog, forget your troubles and just dance!

Your ‘now’ is the best time to be alive and everybody deserves to do things that they love rather than being coerced into something that only half their heart is convinced about.

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