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Characteristics of an ‘Avid Traveller’

There’s no room to be bored in a world that’s as beautiful as this.

We are all born unshackled and essentially free. Unfortunately, as we go along life, we begin to realise that our soul and our spirit is no longer so. The fact of the matter is that even though we may or may not realise it, the real world manages to sneak up on us when we least expect it to. Fortunately, however, there are ways that can help us not get overwhelmed by the real world and travelling is one of them. Travelling is a privilege and people who travel manage to create a world for themselves that only they’re lucky enough to dwell in.  In this world, there are people who like to travel and then there are people who LOVE to travel, there are those who manage to squeeze in a few trips every few months and then there are those who if they don’t travel once every few weeks, they feel the world going dark around them. When you meet someone who is an avid traveller, you’re bound to know. How? Because of certain characteristic traits that he / she would inadvertently display. Here’s what usually constitutes the DNA of an avid traveller.

Always Planning

An avid traveller is always planning. Irrespective of whether it’s a trip for a month abroad or just a weekend trip a distance away from the city, they’re always trying to figure what the weather is going to be like and where are the best places to stay. The enthusiasm is infectious and their passion most entertaining, when you’re with such company you can’t help but be bitten by the travel bug.

Is an Encyclopaedia

There’s more to travelling than just landing up in a place. If you truly like to pack your bags and head out for an adventure then things from the socio-economic background to the cultural significance of a place will interest you equally. An avid traveller always knows. From the anatomy to the geography of a particular place, an avid traveller is a walking-talking encyclopaedia and will never fall short of facts and anecdotes.

Knows Where to Eat

There are many ways of getting to know a place but when you explore it through its cuisine that is when you truly discover it. An avid traveller always knows where to eat and this is perhaps one of their best qualities. From luxury five-star feats that serve seven course meals to little shacks where you go to experience the delectable taste of locally cooked meals, an avid traveller will never fail to guide you to the best spots to eat.

Loves to Meet People

In this world, there are introverts and then there are extroverts and avid travellers most definitely fall into the second category. To an avid traveller, making new friends and meeting new people plays a very important part in making the trip memorable. They love playing with the locals, chat about times gone by with people of all ages, connect with other travellers who are from another country and inspire others along with themselves.

Extremely Independent

People who love to travel are usually the ones who live to travel. Fiercely independent, avid travellers don’t really care if they have an entourage following them to their destinations or if they’re alone. In fact, at times, they’re independence comes forth so strongly that they consciously make a decision to pack their bags and hit the road alone rather than being accompanied by anyone else. Over and above their open minds to their ever willing attitude, an avid traveller is fist of all an independent traveller.

One of the few things that leaves you speechless and then turns you in to a storyteller, travelling is what you do not to escape life but to ensure that life doesn’t escape you.

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