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Chi – The Concept of a Life Force

There is no force more powerful than the vitality and energy you emit from within

Why is it important to harness your life force? Why is it necessary to be able to channel your inner force into something that benefits not only you but all those around you as well? The Chinese word “chi” can be defined as life force or energy. It is energy that drives you, it is the energy that lets you be who you are, it is the energy which lets you find inner peace, break the clutter and shine on bright in a world that is otherwise dull and overwhelming. Developing your chi can be a way to heal your body – both physically and mentally while creating a path towards reaching your full potential. Chi can be developed in many ways. Some achieve it with calming practices like meditation and other deep breathing exercises, while others go for more physically extensive methods. Either way, the key to achieving this higher and happier way of living is that you should be able to connect and create a harmony with primarily yourself. Whether it’s the essence of your very being or a higher truth, the concept of chi or life force revolves around the part of you that knows what you need to keep yourself happy and fulfilled at all times. As every journey, any help that you get along the way counts and what you learn on the way is more important than the end, therefore, here’s what you need to know about your quest for harnessing your life force along with The Titan Raga Aurora Collection.

Self-worth & Identity

Life force is all about knowing your self-worth and identity. Only when you’re comfortable with who you are will you be able to channel all that energy into something positive. We’re all on a quest towards attaining an epiphany that allows us to be more confident and be comfortable in our own skin. By acknowledging your self-worth and allowing yourself to find your identity, you’ll see yourself developing into a happier and a more resilient human being, who is not afraid to get on with life, no matter how difficult it gets. With The Titan Raga Aurora Collection, you’ll be one step closer to discovering your self-worth and identity.

March to your own beat

Being a strong individual and letting your personality shine is a very difficult thing in today’s world, what with everyone trying to pull each other down rather than boosting each other up. Which is why, the ability of being able to march to your own beat is such a vital part of being able to harness your life force. When the rest of the world is fighting to find a place for themselves in the pack, your life force will motivate you to lead instead. The Titan Raga Aurora Collection stands as a testimony to every individual who is an aurora of their own and who has confidence that sparks the confidence to march to their own beat.

Inner Peace

A state of absolute inner peace allows you to rise above everything trivial. Among all Buddhist beliefs, zen is one of the purest forms of being. When in zen you stop seeking answers and explanations to subjective questions because they stop being important issues that require your time. When in zen, all the negativity and the bad vibes coming from the haters around you are neutralized and you reach a state of complete inner peace that allows you to forge onward without getting affected by any obstacles. When it comes to your life force, it is essential that you first achieve this state of zen which allows you to rise above, rather than sink below. Attain inner peace and the state of zen with The Titan Raga Aurora Collection, which in its ethereal design and delicate craftsmanship manages to portray its own sense of calm and tranquillity, without compromising on the fire that lies within.


When we talk about chi, one of the things that come to our mind is energy, energy that has the power to bring everything together into a state of perfect balance. Interestingly, what chi also commands is synergy, which one step ahead of energy. Synergy is ‘the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.’ In this case, the ‘two or more agents’ would be the various facets of an individual’s being that together makes up the unique entity and ‘the greater effect’ would be the achievement of chi. Synergy isn’t tangible, it isn’t a physical thing that you can touch and feel, it is something that only be experienced. However, if synergy did have a physical avatar, the rare timepieces from The Titan Raga Aurora Collection in their breath-taking illustration of elegance and poise that never fails to radiate a pulse of its own, would be the perfect example.

Inner Strength & Beauty

We’re all looking to find our inner beauty – that spark that is there within all of us, that’s just waiting to be ignited. Inner strength & beauty is a very important part of how we define ourselves and as an individual and therefore crucial when it comes to channeling our life force. This festive season, Titan celebrates the power of inner beauty and strength by representing it through a resplendent collection – The Titan Raga Aurora Collection. Featuring rare timepieces, the collection is a breath-taking illustration of elegance and poise and is the perfect testimony to all that is pure, powerful, beautiful and bold at the same time. This new collection from Titan is all about finding that positive source of energy that gives you the push that you need to discover who you are and leave your mark in the world.

There’s a spark in you that can’t be extinguished, no matter how hard people try!

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