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Cognitive Reframing and Why It’s So Important

When you change the way you look at thing, the things you look at change!

For the roller-coaster ride that life is, it isn’t as fun always and in life, perspective is one of the most important things you can gain. More often than not, we let our thought take control of our actions and more importantly on our overall outlook on things. But when everything half full seems half empty and it gets really difficult to find that silver lining on a gloomy day, what can we do to get ourselves back on track? The answer is cognitive re-framing. Cognitive re-framing basically “teaches you how to recognize distorted thoughts and replace them with realistic ones.” It enables you to control all your negative thoughts while bringing in a positive and a realistic spin to them. Somewhere down the line we allow ourselves to make decisions on what we think rather than on what is truly happening and we all know the repercussions that can have. Therefore, in order to look on the bright side, you need to have the rationality and be able to view situations from another perspective and this perspective can be achieved through cognitive re-framing. To add to the list, here are a few other things that cognitive re-framing can help you achieve as well.

Keeps you Calm

We often get supremely stressed because of the thoughts that keep running through our heads. As humans, we all have a tendency of making mountains out of mole hills and before we know it, a situation that could have been easily handled becomes a mammoth of a task. In situations like this, what you need to do is stop, take a deep breath and rearrange your thoughts. The minute you rework your mind you’ll see that you’ve managed to think of better and more rational ways of handling the situation at hand, which in turn will keep you calm.

Achieves Balance

Life is all about balance, be it mental or physical. Maintaining balance contributes to living our lives successfully and productively. While working hard is good, working hard without understanding when to stop is counterproductive. Today, we’re all struggling to achieve that sweet spot where we can work hard and have a fulfilling life afterwards. Cognitive re-framing allows you to achieve that balance. When we rearrange and evaluate situations, certain things come to light which otherwise would have gone unnoticed, the most important one being to know when to stop.

Provides Perspective

The one thing that cognitive re-framing does perfectly is helps us gain perspective. Just like when an artist is sketching it is important that he / she looks at the object in question from all angles to get a holistic understanding of it, we too need to look at situations from all possible angles to understand it in its entirety. When we have perspective, we have the power to tackle a situation in different ways. Perspective is everything in life. It’s what governs one’s mental outlook which in turn determines one’s attitude towards what’s happening around them. Without perspective, we all might as well be a fish out of water trying to climb a tree instead of doing the thing that actually benefits us.

Builds Gratification

Gratitude is one of the most valuable things that we can learn in today’s world. Gratitude is thankfulness, it is counting your blessings, noticing the simple pleasures and acknowledging how lucky you are to have received everything that you have. Once you are grateful for everything that you have, you are able to focus on what you have in abundance rather than what you lack. Incidentally, gratitude comes with a little bit of perspective and the ability to understand how fortunate you are compared a lot of others in the world and perspective and the ability to understand comes with cognitive re-framing. The minute you start re-framing your mind to concede everything that you have you’ll see your life taking a turn for the better.

Makes you Happy

Last but not the least, cognitive re-framing makes you happy. At the end of the day, you should be able to control your feelings and actions, not let external circumstances condition them. When you have that unhappy feeling or a niggling doubt, cognitive re-framing helps you to shoo it away leaving you only with a smile on your face.

It is your perspective that determines whether something is good or bad, not the situation itself!

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