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Does Distance Make the Heart Really Grow Fonder?

Every day apart is a day closer.

Being alone and away from your friends, family and your significant other can be tough, especially during this time of the year when everyone wants to spend quality time with their loved ones. Imagine walking down town center where everything is inviting and brightly lit up, only to realize that the person(s) you want to share this moment with isn’t there with you. Can be quite disheartening, right? But when was life fair and kind when you really wanted it to be! Long distance relationships can be tough, but nobody said it would be a walk in the park either and though there are several reasons why people assume that it has no chance of surviving the test, what pulls it through till the very end is undying love. Granted that the holidays and the new year become sweeter and more special with the better half or your partners in crime around, but at times, you just have to make the most of the situation at hand and remember all those things that work for you and the relationship instead of the things that don’t. While many think that long distance relationships don’t really have the steam to sustain itself, the truth is that the distance does make the heart grow fonder and here’s the how and why of it.


The gift of space is one of the best things that you can receive and give someone else as well. Being possessive never really helps, in fact, it causes more harm than good. When distance plays an important role in a relationship, it teaches us the value of giving the other person space, which in turn results in the building of trust and therefore, makes the heart grow fonder! Always remember, less is more, besides when you have the chance, compensate for the distance by doing more.

Mental Inventiveness

Usually people dread the words ‘long distance’. Whenever you hear them together the first thing that your mind tends to do is panic and launch itself into self-doubt. However, take a moment to try and see the bright side. When there’s distance featuring in the equation, it actually helps facilitate mental inventiveness while constantly reminding you not to take the other person for granted. Instead of seeing it as a hurdle, view it as a learning journey and as a test of your love for each other.


All our lives we strive to achieve this one thing – spontaneity. Spontaneity is a very important thing to have, be it in your personal or professional life. It’s what helps keep things lively and fast paced. When it comes to long distance, spontaneity and the ability to take each other by surprise is definitely one of the things that helps the heart grow fonder. Therefore, this holiday season, embrace the opportunity to do something unexpected that enables you to seize the day. The name of the name is ‘Carpe Diem’ and the rest is history.


The whole crux of a long distance relationship lies in the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. When you have miles separating you from the ones you love, it’s more than just a ‘good morning’ and a ‘good night’ everyday, it’s about finding new and creative ways to communicate, inspite of the challenges. You don’t realize the value of a person unless you lose him or her and even though in this case it’s not about losing, absence makes you realize that it’s about keeping the fire alive and burning.


Last but not the least, what long distance relationships do is it makes you realize. Realize what? That you have someone you can always fall back on, that you’re not alone, that you will always have someone to spend all the good and the bad days with and the fact that you have someone very special in your life no matter how far he / she / they may be! At the end of the day, this time of the year does seem much better when you’re surrounded with your loved ones but it’s always better to realize that have someone is better than having no one at all, even if they are miles away.

Distance is only a test to see how far love travels and this new year don’t let distance overwhelm you when someone more important means so much!

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