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Easy Stretches For People Who Sit All Day

Sitting at your work desk all day might get you a tempting salary at the end of the month, but it also comes with the pain of backaches, distorted postures and decreased rate of metabolism. Sitting in chairs for long periods of time eventually slouches your shoulders, hunches your back and increases the risk of weight gain and digestion problems. Studies have shown that the health hazards of sitting jobs can be combatted somewhat if you are the fidgeting kind, but still the best antidote to the health & posture problems brought on by continuous sitting is a few simple exercises and stretches.

Head to Toe stretch yoga

Head-to-toe stretch

The simplest and one of the most effective stretches for not only back problems, but for keeping fit too is this exercise. Stand straight with legs joined and stretch your arms up high as far as you can. Hold the position and count till 10, then lean forward (keeping your hands stretched) and touch your toes with the tip of your fingers. Count till 10 again before going up. Repeat for at least 20 times for proper effect.

Low cobra

Lie facedown on a yoga mat with your feet stretched out straight. Keep your elbows on the floor and lift your upper torso up. Stretch your shoulders back as far as you can and keep your head high. Hold it as you feel the stretch on your back & shoulders, go down and repeat again.

Trunk rotation

Lie on your back in a straight posture and bring your knees up your chest, legs joined. Keep you upper torso straight and your arms spread out on the floor, then let your folded legs fall on one side of your body, without turning your upper body. Hold for 10 seconds and move your legs to the other side. Repeat 10 times.

trunk rotation yoga

Grok squat

Squats are great for releasing the tension in your muscles and loosening them up. Squat down till your butt touches your ankles, with your heels planted on the ground and your back straight. Hold the position for around 30 seconds, then relax. Your stiff back and hips might take some practise before you can actually do the full squat, but don’t give up.

Backbend yoga pose

Supported backbend

Stand in front of a wall, facing away, with your heels at a distance of around 10 to 12 inches away from the wall. Put your arms over your head and bend your elbows backward till your palms are facing the wall. Slowly lean back and put your body weight on your palms pressed against the wall. Walk your hands down the wall until your body bends and you feel a stretch on your back. Go all the way you can and up again.

Take some time out from your busy schedule to do these exercises everyday and your body will thank you for that. However much your sitting job pays you, always remember that health is the real wealth.

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