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Effortless Ways To Save the Environment

Signs telling us that the environment needs us to pull up our socks & go green are plenty all around and we really need to pay attention to them now.

A good and clean environment benefits us in many ways. It is essential for a healthy living, it allows the Earth to get its health back and it facilitates biodiversity. Here are a few things you can do, everyday, to save the environment.


Bring your own bags

The environment does not need any more plastic. Bringing your own paper bags, the next time you’re going to the supermarket is a great way to do your bit and go green! Bringing you own recyclable bags to the supermarket means that less plastic is being deposited in the landfills or in places where it causes a threat to the local wildlife. A large part of saving the environment is also about saving those that live in it and by taking a small step and saying no to plastics, you will be doing a lot for both.

green environment

Reuse Everything

Reduce, reuse, recycle – the motto of going green and helping the environment is something that everyone needs to practice as well as preach. Think twice before throwing away anything. The packet that you used to get back your groceries in can be used again that very day to hold something else. Be it paper, clothes or your pets old chew toys, everything can be reused. Reusing things has a lot of positive effects on the environment. When you reuse, you automatically save waste. When you save waste, you prevent harmful chemicals from leeching into the environment. However, when you start reusing things, the most important effect that it has is brings down the necessity to create and once the need for products that are harmful for the environment goes down, the planet automatically starts feeling better!


Say no to styrofoam

We all end up using Styrofoam (consciously or unconsciously) in our day to day lives. We use Styrofoam while packing, retailers use Styrofoam while packaging good, some restaurants even se Styrofoam for their beverages. Unfortunately, Styrofoam is like poison to the environment. The first thing about changing a habit is by consciously taking a stand against it. so the next time someone gives you something in Styrofoam put your foot down and say no it. ask for a paper bag or even better, carry you own in which you can carry the goods.


Turn off appliances when not in use

Another completely effortless way of doing your bit for the environment is by ensuring that you turn off all appliances when they’re not in use. How many times have you left the geyser switch on after taking a bath? How many times have you left the toaster on hours after breakfast? How many times have you forgotten about the tube light after your meetings? If you’re afraid of answering these questions, then it’s high time you pulled up your socks and started thinking about these small things that make a huge difference. Leaving appliances on when they’re not in use causes a phenomenal waste of energy which, left uncontrolled, becomes very bad for the environment. So don’t forget to flip the switch when you’re done using your gadgets.

conserve water

Conserve water

Every drop makes an ocean and in this case, every drop saves it too! One of the first steps towards protecting the environment is conserving water. Conserving water not only helps you monetarily (you end up saving a whole of money in terms of bills), it helps you become sustainable as well. The importance of being sustainable with respect to saving the environment is huge. Water equals life and every single living being requires it to survive. It is a resource that each and every one of us should protect and not take for granted. Conserving water means, conserving energy and protecting our natural eco-system as well. So the next time you leave the washroom without shutting the faucet properly, take a minute, go back and do your bit to save the environment.

Off late, this quote has been doing the rounds over the internet and the thought of concluding this article with it fits in extremely well - “If you really think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath whilst you count your money” – Dr. Guy McPherson.

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