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Employees & Their Time Spent on Social Media at Work

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According to sources, Indian employees spend more than 32% of their time on social media during work hours, which in turn has opened up discussion on whether this behavioural trend is actually beneficial or not. Social media has become such an integral part of our lives, that irrespective of whether we are at work or relaxing at home, we wouldn’t be able to operate without it. From booking tickets for a show to last minute flights for a pitch presentation, from buying a gift for your loved ones, to keeping abreast with what’s going on in the industry, social media plays an important role that no one can refute. While some may not agree with this philosophy, where people get along with their tasks and socialise on platforms simultaneously, the fact is that employees are using social media at work and it is something that every organisation needs to accept and deal with. Social media has transformed the way we work and lead our lives, it has transformed how we socialise and network and it has transformed the way we do sales, marketing and public relations. There’s an age old debate – social media, is it a boon or a bane? And while this question does not have definitive answers, here are a few pointers in the favour of the world’s new favourite method of communication.

New Skill

In life the more you learn the more you grow, but in order to learn and grow in that calibre, it is important to keep an open mind about new and innovative ideas. In the professional world, one such new idea was social media, which went on to revolutionise the way things were done pretty soon and in a pretty big way. Therefore, one way of looking at employees being on social media, is a means by which a new skill is developed.


Unfortunately, for today’s working class community a burn out is always right around the corner thanks to the never ending succession of deadlines and presentations. Which is why, switching off for a few minutes in order to allow the mind to reboot is essential. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such social media platforms helps facilitate productivity by being the much needed break from work related targets.

Immediate Communication

One of the biggest requirements of the professional (and the personal) world today is to stay constantly connected. Whether you’re on a vacation or travelling for a client meeting to another city, responding immediately to mails and clients calls is a must. Social media with its universal reach is a medium through which any issue can be addressed no matter what time or which part of the world you are in.


From leveraging connections to adding value, from harnessing power to mixing things up, social media has evolved to become the master medium of making you meet new people while strengthening the bond with your existing contacts. Be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, each social media platform facilitates a certain kind of network system, connecting you with like-minded individuals and professionals across the globe.


Last but not the least, being a primary source of entertainment, information and social updates, social media comes as a pleasant change from the excel sheet that we all stare at for the better part of the day. Everybody needs a timeout, a few minutes to disconnect and rejuvenate the mind so that we can get back to the task at hand with renewed gusto. During stormy situations where you feel like you just can’t make another proposal, a few minutes of  social correspondence can make all the difference, making it all the more necessary at the work place!

Social media is a medium powerful enough to change the landscape of communication and it is best if we all use it to impact and not only impress!

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