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Energy Up

Do you feel like you’re running out of steam halfway through the day?

Heavy eyelids? Slipping into too many reveries, too frequently? We’re all familiar with how a 9 to 5 job can very easily turn into a 9 to 9 one. That feeling when we’re too drained to do anything in particular except counting the hours till we can pack our bags and head home. Feeling half-hearted and low on energy at the workplace is common and we all get into this rut from time to time but what is important is to know how to get out of it, and that too quickly. Being low on energy is in general a bad thing, let alone at work, it may even translate into a broken and demotivated spirit. While we’ve all had our days (maybe even weeks), fortunately, there are remedies that we can use to get ourselves charged up. Here are a few easy and effective ways to energize yourself when you’re having a particular sleepy day at work.

energy workplace office stress cope music

Brain-Stretching Music

Brain drain is one of the key reason why we feel so out of energy, sometimes even during the middle of a working day. The complete exhaustion of your brain usually happens due to sustained concentration, pressure to deliver against all odds and even, at times, burn out. One of the ways by which you can get yourself back on track when you feel your mind can’t take it anymore is by switching it off from work and turning its attention to more moving and inspirational things. It is highly recommended that when you’re suffering from high levels of brain drain, listening to music that is both calming and motivating helps to a great deal. The music should be a harmonious blend of instruments that calm your mind and melodies that transport you to another world altogether. This experience is like returning from a rejuvenating spa day, you’ll not only feel relaxed, but more energized as well.

energy workplace office stress rejuvenate snack eat healthy nutrition delicious power food

Snack More

Eating right is very crucial for keeping the energy levels high throughout the day. Following a healthy, nutritious regime from the time you wake up till the time you leave office is a must. Now, we’re not saying that you start stress eating when the day gets rough, what we’re saying is that fuel your body with all the right kind of nutrients and calories which will in turn help you cope when the day gets rough! You should start with a power packed breakfast to kick-start your metabolism and then keep power snacking throughout the day. Power snacks would ideally include treats that are rich in protein and calcium as they help keep the energy levels high. Lean meats like turkey or ham, greens like celery, spinach, leeks, or kale, fruits like blackberries, raspberries, bananas, apples, or pears along with yogurt, granola and energy bars are things that you can keep with yourself throughout the day to fuel up whenever you feel like. Trail mixes, dried fruits and nuts and fresh fruit juices are equally effective as well.

energy workplace office stress cope laugh

Laugh it off

It is true that in order to look at any situation in a positive light, one must always find the bright side. We all know that having a sense of humour about things makes life a lot easier but did you know that being able to laugh at tough situations and more importantly, to be able to laugh at yourself in tough times is cathartic in nature!? Yes, it’s true. Being able to laugh off a tough situation not only convinces your mind to take it easy and move on, but it fills you with a sense of hope and positivity which in turn allows you to forge ahead and meet challenging situations head on. Additionally, laughter really is the best medicine! It has been proved that people who laugh more, are more mentally positive, upbeat and healthy as well, all of which are things that you need to keep your energy levels high.

energy workplace office stress cope power nap rejuvenate

Master the Power Nap

Sometimes 5 minutes is all you need to refuel your battery. As a matter of fact, taking a power nap when you’re feeling particularly low on energy is probably more effective than overdosing yourself with caffeine (coffee lovers, don’t throw your mugs at us!). The secret of a power nap is to completely downtime your system and give it a few minutes to reboot, quite like a computer! If you’re looking for a sudden burst of energy and alertness, then a 5 to 15 minutes of power nap is what you need. Research says that power naps are great for your decision-making skills, memorizing vocabulary or recalling directions, which is far more effective compared to coffee. So the next time you have some time, instead of slumping into a stupor, master the art of a power nap.

energy workplace office stress cope rejuvenate outside

Get Outside

Sitting cooped up in your office for hours on end is not a good idea – it’s but obvious for such a habit to foster lethargy, lack of energy and work related depression as well. When you’re feeling particularly down in the dumps with no energy to do anything at all, research suggests to go outside. It has been proven that by just being outside as much as possible, makes people feel happier and more energetic. Fresh air, sunlight, the bursting energy of the world around you are factors that positively influence you and get you charged up to take on the day. You could go on a tea break, a little walk with your colleagues, a quick lunch or an early evening snack or just a little “me-time” by yourself, getting out of the confines of the office walls is enough to get your energy levels back on track. It’s a fact that if you spend eight hours in a row indoors, then you will be drained of your energy more quickly than if you took breaks and spent some time outside.

Your energy and enthusiasm is what is going to take you far at the end of the day. So banish that ‘blah’ and stay upbeat and energized throughout the day!

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