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Every Office Goer’s Monsoon Guide

Rain, rain go away…come again another day!

Something that we all chant it ourselves while getting ready to go to work during the monsoons, right? Monsoon reason comes as a much needed respite from the dry and hot spell of summer, but as poetic as rain and raindrops trickling down the window pane sounds, monsoon showers can really put a damper to your day (literally and figuratively). Unpredictable weather, unforeseen showers, bad road conditions and crazy on-route traffic, these are just a few disruptions that monsoon brings with it. However, we all know that the show must go on and that deadlines won’t meet themselves and to avoid being caught off guard and getting stuck with put being prepared, here’s a quick and concise guide to every office goer’s monsoon related problems.

back-up umbrella

Back Up Umbrella

Things go downhill and that too fast when you realise that it’s about to start pouring and you don’t have an umbrella with you. Of all the things we forget or leave behind at places, an umbrella has to top the chart (other culprits being water bottles, hair pins and Tupperware boxes), just when you need it the most, you realise that you don’t have one with you. This, during peak monsoons can be quite a damper and the best way to avoid this is by carrying a backup umbrella in your backpack at all times. Better still, leave one behind at work every day, so if you forget to bring one from home, you’ll not be left stranded (and you can keep rotating the work-home umbrella as per your convenience). If you’re a bike rider, then substitute an umbrella with a rain coat!

extra shoes

Extra Shoes

The part that suffers the most from our everyday work wear attire is our shoes. The poor things always seem to bear the brunt of the rainy season, what with the mud and the water logging and once they’re soaked in the rain, it gets very difficult to keep wearing them through the day. But as always, where there’s a problem, there’s a solution as well. There are two tips to keep in mind with respect to shoes and monsoons. One, always carry an extra pair with you and two, always pick the right kind of shoes that are made with the right kind of material for the season. Some types of shoes that are just right are flip flops, flat ballerinas, sandals and slippers that are available in waterproof materials. The best part is that, these come in crazy colours and are comfortable as well. Additionally, shoes that come with a foam base that are odour-resistant are a huge hit with office-goers as they dry fast and are super convenient. With these tricks up your sleeve, no matter how heavy it rains, you’ll still arrive in office looking as stylish and suave as ever.

monsoon kit

Monsoon Kit

Every office goer should have a monsoon kit stashed safely away under his / her workbench, especially if you travel to work in public transport. With the rains, you can only expect the unexpected and when such a situation arises, it’s best to be prepared rather than reach a point of no return. Having a monsoon kit ready at the go makes for a great back up that you can fall back on whenever things get a little too wet. The things that the monsoon kit should comprise are:

  • A complete change of clothes (including underclothes), for the days where you need a quick change before a meeting
  • A towel, for an instant drying up
  • A pair of slippers or an extra pair of shoes, when your footwear suffers the brunt of the rain. This also ensures that when you walk into office dripping wet, which you will at some point or the other, you don’t catch pneumonia while drying off under the AC.
  • A toothbrush, for days when you may not be able to return home (we sincerely hope they don’t come)
  • Some extra cash in the form of lose change because getting caught in the rains is bad but getting caught in the rain without any money and no access to an ATM is even worse.
snack pack

Snack Pack

We’re all too familiar with what happens to the roads when it starts raining. It’s almost as if the traffic gods are waiting for the very first drop of water to fall on the surface to unleash their wrath upon us. As it is, commute time from home-work and back is a menace when it happens to be in the peak office hours of the day, but this coupled with incessant rains and pot-holed roads, is a living nightmare that you can’t get out of. On a good day, you may find yourself stuck in traffic for a few hours, on a bad one, probably more, and when you’re stuck on the road, it is but obvious that you’re bound to get hungry. At times like these, a snack pack becomes makes for the perfect addition to the office goers monsoon travel kit. More often than not, when you starve yourself over a long period of time, you end up overeating when you finally get the chance. In order to avoid this at any cost, it’s best to keep some energy bars, multi-grain cookies, cake, bakes, crisps and short eats with you when you’re going back home from work. They are healthy, delicious and will prevent you from binge eating when you eventually do reach back home.

plan ahead

Plan Ahead

Last but not the least, one of the things that you must do is plan ahead. While this little tip holds good stead for any time for the year irrespective of the season, it’s even more imperative to implement it during the monsoons! During the rainy season we may not get to work on time every morning, which is why working in advance and planning ahead is so critical. When you have something to deliver by 10 am and it’s 9:45 and you’re nowhere close to reaching office, it works if you spent some time in the evening before to sort that out before hand, that way even if you’re late, you won’t have any fires to fight. One of the ways to get ahead of the rains is to bag the time management game, and what better way of doing that having a classic timepiece from the Titan Octane collection on your wrist at all times.

Monsoons don’t have to be the most difficult time of the year, only if you think ahead. Once you’ve made the necessary preparations, you’ll find yourself enjoying the showers rather than regretting them.

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