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February Food Forecast

The freshest of fresh, at it’s very best!

Time sure does fly! It’s 2017 and we’re already in the second month of the year. Fortunately, February brings along with it some of the freshest of produce, waiting to be consumed and prepared into the most delectable of dishes. So, instead of going into a panic about how 2017 is also going by so fast, pause for a moment to enjoy the best of February with our monthly food forecast!


Wonderfully tart and the epitome of pure indulgence, cranberries are in season this month and it’s something that we should all be happy about. Be it in the form of mocktails and smoothies or straight up from the fruit basket, when Cranberries are in season, the best thing to do is talk less and eat more. If you’re looking for a short trip to heaven then one of the best ways to enjoy this fruit is by pairing it up with chocolates, especially dark chocolate and let your taste buds go on a journey like never before.


Symbolic of the joy associated with spring-time and pure freshness, if you’re thinking about what you should buy for the kitchen this month, then plump, fresh lemons should definitely be on your list. Good for hydration and digestion, lemons come packed with Vitamin C which is an essential when it comes to maintaining health. Be it hot water with lemon and honey first thing in the morning or a refreshing cup of lemon tea to get you through the rest of the day, lemons are here to stay!


Coincidentally, one of the worlds’ healthiest fruits also happens to be one of the most delicious of the lot. Perfect for a picnic and a mid-day snack, one of February’s favourite colours as well as fruits is none other than Orange! High on Vitamin C, quite like Lemons, Oranges are juicy, sweet and extremely versatile, as it harmoniously blends with savoury or sweet flavours, always ensuring a magical experience.


A bejewelled creation, the beauty of which is best experienced through the sense of taste, the rubies of the fruit world has a very special place in the food forecast of this month. Even though extracting the fruit from its non-compliant outer shell seems to be a whole lot of work, but with easy hacks and little bit of creativity, you can plough through the tough exterior to enjoy one of the freshest tastes of the season.


Often considered to be boring and non-adventurous, spinach is never given the credit that it’s due but in reality this meek, leafy green has a lot more to offer than it lets on. Extremely low in fat and even lower in cholesterol, spinach is one of those power foods that no household should go without enjoying it to its full potential. Moreover, spinach comes packed with multiple vitamins that are essential for the body along with proteins, fibre, calcium, iron and several other important minerals, making spinach a vegetable that is good for literally every part of the body. So, this February, channel your inner Popeye the sailor and go crazy with spinach.

February comes but once in a year and it is up to us to enjoy every bit of it!

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