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Five Ways to Look Elegant This Wedding Season

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades” – Audrey Hepburn

November has set in, the feeling of festivity is still in the air and before we know it, it will be time for wedding season! Wedding season is fun for many reasons – good company, delicious food, being part of an incredible journey of people you love, lots of dancing, laughing and creating some indelible memories with those who are important to you. But above all, the reason that perhaps makes wedding seasons the most fun is the fact that we get to dress up for the occasion. But, with too many options out there, choosing a flawless ensemble with the right accessories for the wedding season can put us in quite a pickle. Fortunately, though this process of picking your magnum opus can be tough, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Here are a few looks that when paired with The Titan Raga Aurora Collection, will make your ensemble complete while making you look and feel great for the wedding season!


Inspired by flowing, majestic gowns, Eva, from the Aurora Collection is what you’re looking for if the outfit of your choice is a gorgeous lehenga. The bracelet creates a striking image of the frills and layers which are quintessential to a lehenga while the dial brings alive the intricate patterns of the ensemble. Additionally, the Swarovski crystals that are embedded on the edges, act as a beautiful link between the artistry.


The perfect wedding season wardrobe is incomplete without an elegant saree in rich and royal colors, and every wedding saree is incomplete without the soft, flowing drapes of Clara from the Aurora Collection. This timepiece emanates royalty with its satin finish dial, its studded Swarovski crystals and its pearl bracelet and is the perfect piece when it comes to putting together an outfit that everyone will remember.


Every women dreams to gleam like a goddess during the wedding season and with a timepiece as elegant and poised as Nora, this dream can be fulfilled. The dial gleams with mother-of-pearl printed portrait while a sensational impression of a flower accentuates its beauty even further. The bracelet forms an unforgettable halo around the Swarovski crystal pearls and enamel filled petals, making it an artwork that is truly divine.


The delicate beauty of Ada encapsulates the aesthetics found in nature in the form of flora and fauna. The mother-of-pearl dial boasts a carved sculpture design, while the bracelet creates an unforgettable harmony of rose-gold, beautiful embossed patterns and Swarovski crystals. Pair Ada with a flared anarkali suit and you’re all set to rock any wedding or engagement party that you’re invited to!


Rose, the flower that symbolizes pure radiance and beauty is what we are all looking to emulate during the wedding season and with this iridescent timepiece, it is now possible. Pair the mother-of-pearl dial that radiates rose like elegance with an off-beat fusion embellished maxi dress and you’ve got yourself an ensemble that is bound to make you stand out. From the Swarovski crystals that form a beautiful ring around the bezel to the elegant piece of rose on the seamlessly intertwined bracelet, with this timepiece, you’ll definitely make heads turn.

When you look beautiful outside, you feel beautiful inside!

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