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Food Forecast for January 2017!

January, what have you got for us?

Every month holds new possibilities – new chances, new opportunities and best of all, fresh new produces that are that are just waiting to be devoured. There are very few things that bring as much happiness as fresh, vibrant produce that has the power to transform your gastronomical experience. Usually, on our trips to the supermarket we are greeted with produce that are lacklustre and look worse for wear. While this may be disappointing, if we make the effort of restricting our selection to seasonally fresh fruits and vegetables, we can continue with our food goals without letting bad produce get in the way. The best thing about fresh fruits and vegetables is that they don’t need too much tampering with, they can do without fifteen different types of herbs and spices, when it comes to preparing them, the simpler it is the better and most importantly, they are perfectly aligned to your new year resolution of eating healthy. To get 2017 off to a healthy and a delicious start, here’s a quick food forecast of what you should be eating this January.


Often passed up in favour of its more popular relatives – orange, tangerines and clementine’s, Grapefruit is in season this month and here are a few reasons why you should become a fan. Extremely high in vitamin C, Grapefruits are very good for the heart and research says that it may even help lower cholesterol. When you’re picking Grapefruits, opt for the ruby red variety which more flavourful than the other ones.


One of the heartiest of all root vegetables, be it your local farmers market or a fancy grocery store, beets can be found all around during this time of the year. High in nitrates and naturally occurring minerals, beets help transport oxygen to the brain and are considered to be very good for it. This little power house of nutrients are great inclusions in salads, smoothies and detox juices. So, can you feel the beet yet?!


Delicious and versatile, pears are a gift that is abundantly available during this time of the year. Packed with ‘good for you’ nutrients, pears have a very high content of fibre that meets 20% of our daily fibre needs. Additionally, as pears ripen, the content of anti-oxidants that help clean up the body increases significantly as well. Considered to be an exotic ingredient in many preparations, if you love the finer things in life, then pears are definitely made for you!

Sweet Potato

Considered to be one of the worlds healthiest foods, sweet potatoes are a power house of nutrients, proteins and everything else in between that is good. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, you can substitute normal potatoes with this sweeter and healthier version to make a dish that is delicious and healthy in its own way. Boiled, roasted, steamed or fried, sweet potatoes can be prepared in several different ways, each version lip-smackingly good!


Perhaps one of the most underrated vegetables in the market, in our list of things that you must eat during this month, cauliflowers definitely makes the cut. A great substitute for regular carbohydrates like rice, potatoes and whole grains, this cruciferous vegetable contains extremely high levels of tryptophan. Whether as a steak or a substitute to mashed potatoes, whether its grilled to perfection or used instead of rice with curries, cauliflowers are not only delicious but they are waist-friendly as well!

Cooking with fresh produce that need little or no tampering with, has a charm of its own. Here’s to January and everything fresh that it has to offer!

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