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Fun Family Workouts

Ever wondered how much fun it would be to have the whole family exercising together?

Well it is! Getting the entire family to work out together can be really fun. In fact, when you have the entire lot sweating it out, an otherwise mundane activity can become something you start looking forward to – full of laughter and excitement. But then again, how much fun can it be to go to the gym or doing yoga every day? Doing the same things over and over again…gets a little boring right? Well, here’s the kicker. We’ve put together some everyday activities that you can turn into a fun family workout session. They’re so full of energy, involvement and vigor that you and the entire bunch will start looking forward to them every day!

Walk park family workout exercise healthy activity

Weekend Walk-a-thons

Re-jig your evening walks by turning them into weekend walk-a-thons with the entire family. Get everyone together and start bright and early in the morning and get in a good one hour of exercise. This activity can be made even more fun by switching up the stakes and turning it into a fun competition where the person who walks the most gets a small prize at the end. You can look at targeting this activity from 7 to 8 AM in the morning, that way you’ll be up and about early and can get back for a wholesome family breakfast as well. Walk-a-thons are great ways to sneak in some much needed exercise without making you feel the pressure of a workout. You could pick a nice park or a path around your town lake to make it seem less of a strenuous activity and more of a fun filled stroll.

swimming family workout exercise healthy activity

Get Fishy

This one has got be a family favorite. The next time you’re thinking about how you can squeeze in some healthy family time, just pick up your swimming costumes and head for the pool. Swim time with the family is as therapeutic as it is a good workout. Once you get inside the pool, you actually lose count of time and how long you’ve spent frolicking around and the best part is that in the middle of all the fun, it completely slips your mind that what you’re actually doing is getting in a good workout! You can make pool time even more exciting by playing fun games like Marco-Polo, Water Polo, Donkey and other favorites that children as well as adults’ love!

gardening fun family workout exercise activity healthy


You never thought of this one, did you! Ask yourself, what is the one thing kids love to do most? Play, right? and when you team up this inherent love of running around with the latent desire to dig up dirt, you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven. Research shows that gardening is considered to be a great work-out regime and is as good as weight training when it comes to preventing osteoporosis. Moreover, when you get the kids involved in planting fruits, vegetables and flowers, their interest in those things automatically increases and they are more willing to try it out as opposed to you forcing it on them. Last but not the least, gardening helps in strengthening family bonds and is a great activity to bring the entire family closer to each other.

music chores everyday fun family workout exercise activity healthy

Crank Up the Music

Who said working out has to be boring? A great way to incorporate a bit of exercise you’re your daily lives, is by turning an everyday activity into a workout session. But how do you this? Simple, by adding music to it, of course! Cooking dinner – play some music, cleaning the cupboard – play some music, getting ready for a garage sale – play some music. Not only does music make it a fun family activity, but research has shown that dancing can be considered as a very good form of exercise! In involves movement of the entire body and really helps you build your stamina as well. so, the next time you’re at home and you’ve got then entire family together for spring cleaning session, just turn on the stereo, crank up the music full volume and dance those extra kilos away!

cycling park happy positive family workout exercise healthy activity


This one’s a classic. Going cycling together is a great way to get in a few hours of exercise without feeling the stress of it. Imagine a beautiful day with bright blue skies and billowing clouds and you with your family in the lush green park cycling together – now, isn’t that a pretty picture! But beauty aside, cycling has several health benefits. It increases cardiovascular fitness, improves mobility of the joints, increases muscle strength and flexibility, decreases stress levels and keeps you happy, healthy and fit overall.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, a family that exercises together, stays together!

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