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Gear Up for The Holiday Season

‘Tis the season!

It’s already mid-November and the holiday feels are majorly sinking in. Typically, as the mood sets in, we all get excited and anxious at the same time. Though we might not admit it, the joy of getting some well-deserved time off coupled with the anticipation of the ‘awesome-ness’ which is about to follow, can get a little overwhelming. To avoid falling into a situation like this, the best thing to do is start preparing before-hand. Whether it’s planning a trip out of town or preparing for a huge get together at home, here are some holiday-rific tips on how you can gear up for the season!

Finish your lists

While we associate a free-spirited spontaneity with the holiday season, the fact remains that the best way to gear up for it is to get your lists in order. If you’re planning a holiday, get the dates, requirements, people you want to invite, etc. in order, the same rule applies for if you’re planning to host house parties. By getting all the initial details planned out in a list, you’ll be able to avoid any last minute surprises and overlaps, both of which can ruin a perfectly good holiday.

Chalk out a budget

No matter how mundane and un-holiday like this seems, holiday season means getting out the old balance book and getting down to the brass-tacks. The worst thing you can do during this time is to over-estimate (or under-estimate) the amount of money you have to spare. Letting this knowledge sneak up on you rather than being prepared well before-hand is a holiday disaster that’s very difficult to get out of. So, instead of letting the numbers get to you at the last minute, chalk out your budget before the festivities begin.

Get your ducks in a row

Once you’ve finished making your initial list of things to do and chalking out a budget within which you want to do them, you need to start getting your ducks in a row. What this essentially means is to lay down all the cards in front of the table so that you know what to do when and in what order. Both planning a holiday and making things festive at home requires a lot of hard work and it’s always the little details that escape us in the end. From organizing holiday decorations to planning your outfits; from pre-booking tickets to making travel arrangements, getting everything lined up and ready to go should be adopted as a best practice, if you’re not already doing it, for gearing up for the holiday season.

Be prepared

The best motto for the holiday season is ‘be prepared’! Just making lists and figuring out what the chronology of things should be is not enough, you ought to be prepared for things to fall out of plan and be ready for it when it does. It’s like Murphy’s Law, misfortune strikes when you least expect it. The trick it is to make a contingency plan and keep it at the ready even before anything goes out of whack. Take it for granted that anything and everything that can go wrong, will go wrong and prepare yourself mentally for it. Everyone remembers a meltdown during the holiday season, this time round let’s give everyone something different to remember the season by!

Evaluate & analyse

A sure shot way of ensuring that this holiday season is better than the last one is by evaluating and analyzing. The holiday season provides all of us the opportunity to spend precious time with family and friends and create sweet memories recalling former joys of past years when you were just a participant, not a presenter of the event. The hassle for those who bear the brunt of the duties, can be quite exhausting and one of the best ways to prepare for new season of holiday-ing is by learning from what went wrong and what went right from the previous ones.

It’s always good to start preparing in advance!

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