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Get That Appraisal!

Giving up is not an option.

How many times have you been told this or how many times have you told this to yourself? As work gets harder and competition fiercer, it’s hard to keep yourself motivated at all times. It’s even more difficult to keep telling yourself that each hurdle that comes your way is part of a greater design that will ultimately lead you to success and recognition. To push against all odds is a task and a tough one at that, which is why it’s important to do whatever it takes to keep yourself motivated in a work environment, to keep reminding yourself about the vision, the mission and the end goal, to keep inspiring yourself to meet each and every obstacle head on and emerge a more evolved professional on the other side. Here are some simple tips and tricks that will help every professional to stay true to the mark, motivated, energized and rearing to go.

self motivate work office drive energy push environment compete start small

Start Small

While it seems very tempting to go for the biggest fish in the pond, it’s best if you start small. Starting small helps you get used to the work and allows you to perfect it in the given time. The minute you start realizing that you’re capable to handle the task at hand, it automatically motivates you to move onto bigger, better things with plenty of self-confidence.

self motivate work office drive energy push environment compete smart

Work Smart

Today, working hard does not cut the ice. Along with hard work, it is essential to be able to work smart. Understanding, analyzing and implementing better and more efficient ways (sometimes, a shortcut even) to getting the job at hand done is highly valued. It not only shows that you have the acumen to figure out the best solution but are more than equipped to deal with any hurdles that come your way, which in turn is a motivating factor.

self motivate work office drive energy push environment compete tackle problem smart obstacle

Break it Up

Handling too many things at the same time can be difficult. While multi-tasking has become one of the key skills that every organization is looking for in its employees, it is even more important to be able to adapt, compartmentalize and tackle each task with the attention that it requires. Breaking up your tasks into one small bit at a time not only enables you to achieve excellence while completing them but you end up multi-tasking without even realizing it. Realizing that you are more than capable of handling multiple deadlines and deliverables at the same time is a huge motivator and gives you that push to keep bettering yourself.

self motivate work office drive energy push environment compete goal vision mission remind inspire sight

Remind yourself why

One of the major reasons why we feel a little down-in-the-dumps from time to time is because while running the rat race, we tend to lose sight of our goals. Keeping your goals in sight is very important for motivation and positive reinforcement because reminding yourself why you chose what you do and what it will ultimately result in, is a critical driving factor. While they say that the journey is more important than the end, it helps to remind yourself once in a while what you’re heading towards, nevertheless.

self motivate work office drive energy push environment compete reward

Reward Yourself

Last but not the least, what good is it doing the things you do, unless you reward yourself. One of the strongest forms of motivation and positive reinforcement is self-appreciation. When you get appreciated for doing something by other people, it’s great but when you start appreciating yourself for the god work you’ve done, it takes motivation to a different level. Rewarding yourself not only reaffirms your faith in your profession but it reaffirms your faith in yourself which in turn results in motivation.

Nothing ever came easily…the harder you work at something, the more motivated you feel when it’s been achieved. The day you stop dreaming and pushing yourself towards achieving that dream, is the day you’ll know that you need to start looking for something better.

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