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Gift Wrapping Hacks for The Holiday Season

It’s a wrap!

When your wrapping station at home looks like a war zone, you know that the holiday season is here. Wrapping gifts, though fun, can prove to be a bit of a challenge and if you leave it to the very last minute, then it’s equivalent to unmitigated chaos. In a situation like this, thinking elaborate is the biggest mistake we make and while hard work almost always pays off, sometimes, things pan out better when start to think smart as well. However, irrespective of what you might think in a state of panic, we’re here to tell you that perfect corners, indestructible bows and gorgeous gift boxes are possible, no matter how late it is. With these gift wrapping hacks up your sleeve, you’ll be a lean mean gift wrapping machine!

Cut Corners

One of the most annoying things that can happen to you while wrapping a gift is if the end product looks uneven and bunched up around the edges and the only way to avoid this situation is to keep a keen eye on the corners when you’re folding the paper down. Nobody likes a present that looks like a two-year-old has wrapped it for them (unless an actual two-year-old wraps it for them) and you can wrap and then wrap some more but if you’re corners are not right and sharply tucked in, then all your efforts will be in vain.

Go for the ribbon

Like we mentioned before, sometimes it’s not just about how hard you work, but it’s more about how smartly you can get things done. Gift wrapping is like a ceremony, and at times we tend to prolong this process and make it incredibly complicated when in reality, the situation doesn’t even call for it. While going through this elaborate process might be fulfilling in its own way, why indulge in it when something as simple as tying a beautiful ribbon on a package can change it from ordinary to extraordinary!

Think inside the bag

Gift bags are pretty. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors along with pre-made decorations on it – the perfect solution to our gift wrapping problems. However, if using the ribbon taught us how to work smart instead of heard, this scenario with the gift bags teaches us to do the exact opposite. Instead of going with the easiest option, think hard and think creative. Use substitutes like such cellophane, tissue, netting, crepe paper or even fabric when you’re looking flexible wrapping options.

Colour Coordinate

The best thing about the holiday season is that it comes with colors that we all associate with it. Nothing beats the instant happiness that associative colors (in this case essentially red, white, green and gold) brings. Taking a cue from this, one of the best gift wrapping hacks you can come up with is to color coordinate your present with the season. Instead of using multiple papers and tags for each gift recipient, streamline the process by picking one paper that sticks to the colour palette of the season and then roll with it.

Go Natural

Last but not the least, when you are gift wrapping, think twice about the environment and the planet and go natural. When you turn a tedious task into a fun project, it automatically becomes less cumbersome and transforms into an activity that you actually want to spend time doing. This holiday season trade gift wrapping papers for recycled materials, instead of buying decorations, venture outside and make use of what you can find there. Trade baubles for twigs and leaves and exchange the artificial for the natural, you’ll soon realise that a clear conscience is the biggest hack you’ll ever need!

Now that you’ve got a few hacks up your sleeve, it’s time to wrap it up!

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