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Green Living and Why You Should Do This Right Now

Green is the new black!

Green is everywhere these days. Be it politics, nutrition, fashion, home-decor and even technology, finding ways to be sustainable is not only an emerging trend but a necessity that everyone is coming to realise. Going green is no longer a movement that you pretend to care about for the fear of being left behind during a conversation; it is a to-do that should be of highest propriety in the list. However, the fact is that no one can go green overnight; it’s not like a pair of new pants that you can just pull on one fine morning and then rest assured that the matter has been taken care of. It’s more like a lifestyle change, where you gradually adapt and adopt new and better ways to ensure that the way you’re living and working can actually be sustainable rather than just making a halfhearted effort attempt towards achieving it. While it is understandable that making this change can be a little overwhelming, but the truth is that making a difference one small step at a time is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. In fact, the sooner we accept that green living is the most logical next step to a happier and a more wholesome life, the better. Here are a few ways how we can achieve it and why we should all do this right now!

Think Green

The first step towards being green is to start thinking green. When you’re shopping for clothes – think green, when you’re going to work – think green, when you’re building your dream home – think green and when you’re bringing up your children – think green. From reducing overall waste to figuring out innovative and creative ways to conserve, when you come up with ideas that can help you be green everyday instead of just a few days of the year, that’s when you know that you’ve started living the green way.

Eat Green

There are several ways of eating green. From promising yourself to cut junk food to pledging to go as organic and natural as possible with respect to your diet, eating green is a lifestyle that we as a community should adopt and adopt fast. One of the best ways to eat green is by cutting your visits to the supermarkets and sourcing your daily produce from the local farmers market instead. When you eat green, you’re literally embodying the philosophy of living green.

Work Green

When you plan to go green and start living green, then the first thing that you need to do is internalise the fact that it’s a change that needs to be adopted irrespective of whether you are at home or elsewhere. In fact, one of the best places to start imbibing this lifestyle is at the workplace, where we end up spending most of our time during the week. From recycling to saving paper, from conserving electricity to ensuring that there’s little to no wastage, when you work green, you automatically start living green otherwise as well.

Run Green

We all spend a lot of time looking after our health (or at least, that’s what every resolution sounds like at the beginning of the year). From going on a diet to making an extra effort to be healthier and look after ourselves regularly, another way of adopting green living is by ensuring that when we exercise, we do so in a sustainable manner. For example, exercising in natural environments and ensuring that no extra energy is used up while executing our workout sessions are good ways of ‘running green’.

Be Green

Last but not the least, green living is not about artificially incorporating it into every aspect of your day, rather it’s about organically bringing about a change in your life which allows you to naturally think about more sustainable ways to live. It’s important to remember that each and every effort towards becoming more green counts and the trick is to start small and then slowly graduate to bigger things. Use cloth over paper, power down, get active, get into the mode of green cleaning and in general look out for the environment because this is one thing that we all owe to the planet on which we live.

“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to”- Terri Swearingen, let’s work together to change this attitude to one that actually makes a difference.

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