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Here’s What Makes The Titan Raga Aurora Collection Resplendent!

You were born to light up the world.

We’re all looking to find our inner beauty – that spark that is there within all of us, that’s just waiting to be ignited. Inner strength & beauty is a very important part of how we define ourselves and as an individual. We all have a dark side, but as they say, there’s always light at the end of every tunnel and when it comes to letting your personality shine, all you need to do is find the light within you. However, finding those things that separate you from the rest of the pack and make you unique can be a tough journey, a journey that you may require some help with along the way. Whether it’s finding solace in the company of other people or embracing that one thing that gives you enough confidence to shine on through, it’s all about finding that positive source of energy that gives you the push that you need to discover your fire.

This Diwali, Titan celebrates the power of inner beauty and strength by representing it through a resplendent collection that symbolizes everything that makes up a woman – The Titan Raga Aurora Collection. Featuring rare timepieces, the collection is a breathing illustration of the elegance and poise of a contemporary women. The ensemble draws inspiration from unique techniques of the Renaissance era like Cameo, Abalone and Gilded Gold and weaves its poetry through their modern interpretations like embossing, cutwork, layered dials using Swarovski crystals, enamels and Mother-of-Pearl blending which is then expressed in new-age simplicity with femininity. While some of us just know how to channel this inner beauty and strength, others may need a little help finding the way. This festive season, celebrate light, love, strength and beauty with the Titan Raga Aurora collection.


This design is inspired from a beautiful technique Cameo. The pearl finish lapped onto the surface of embossed metal pattern, flaunts the dial and units on the bracelet. Adding on, the embedded Swarovski stones form a timeless curve around the dial, demanding a breath-taking gasp. Inspired by the modern woman, Ivy, from the Titan Raga Aurora Collection, is an exquisite timepiece that has the perfect mix of sensuality and elegance, created for the woman who transcends roles with poise and grace.


As the saying goes, “those who don’t believe in magic will never find it!” luckily enough, when it comes to finding that inner sparkle, we have the perfect thing for you. Inspired by the frills on royal gowns and lace patterns, the magical allure of a delicate yet stately appearance is brought alive by Eva from the Aurora Collection. In Eva, the bracelet is a striking image of the frills and layers these gowns depict and dial brings alive the intricate patterns on the laces used. Swarovski crystals are embedded on the edges, acting as a beautiful link between the artistry.


Epitomizing today’s dynamic fashion and personality, every woman needs the right kind of accessory to complete her ensemble. This watch encapsulates the aesthetics of flora and fauna, magically. The mother-of-pearl dial boasts a carved Sculpture design, while the bracelet creates an unforgettable harmony of gold with beautiful embossed patterns and Swarovski crystals. Inspired by roman sculptures which is then given a shape through the technique of Cameo, Ada from the Aurora collection is crafted for women who makes heads turn with her resplendent beauty and is the timepiece that is bound to make the heart skip a beat.


The dial gleams with mother-of-pearl printed portrait and a sensational impression of a flower. The bracelet forms an unforgettable halo around Swarovski crystal pearls and enamel filled petals. Modern, elegant, chic, sophisticated, Nora portrays an overall style that screams not to mess with the best and is the harmonious amalgamation of both femininity and the inner strength of a woman. Inspired by royal artifacts and brought to life through the intricate technique of gilding, Nora from the Titan aurora collection is definitely a must have in your wardrobe which makes sure that no matter what the occasion is, you look exquisite and elegant, much like the timepieces itself.


Yet another design that is inspired by royal gowns, frills and laces, Clara from the Aurora collection is the perfect example of how you need not be loud to be heard. Drape the soft flow of majestic gowns around your wrist with this heart-stirring beauty. This timepiece emanates royalty with its satin finish dial, the studded Swarovski crystals and pearl bracelet. Often overlooked, a beautiful, classy watch is just the thing you need that will give your outfit that extra edge. The Titan Raga Aurora collection, with its versatile designs, is perhaps the best fit for such a thing.

When you stop looking for the light, you become one yourself!

3 thoughts on “Here’s What Makes The Titan Raga Aurora Collection Resplendent!”

  1. CLARA is fantastic

  2. Awesome delicate designs….crafted to accentuate elegance.

  3. All Titan Watches are really beautiful and adorable…….

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