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Holiday Traditions That Never Get Too Old

At the heart of every tradition is a meaningful experience.

While some may say that holidays are synonymous with anxiety and stress, the truth is that it’s an opportunity to revisit and create new memories and spend some quality time with friends and family. The chaos of a thousand people working at the same time in the kitchen, family gossip, listening to grandparents tell age old anecdotes, stuffing yourself silly with all kinds of delicious food and of course, participating in holiday traditions! Holiday traditions play a very important part during this time of the year. Time tested with the capability of bringing generations together under one roof, the whole charm of partaking in holiday traditions is the feeling of nostalgia that it beings along with it. With people growing apart with every passing day thanks to busy work schedules and hectic personal lives, these traditions are the roots that go deep to make sure that throughout life’s journey everyone has a compass that leads them back home and reminds them that they were unconditionally loved. Therefore, for the love of holidays and everything that deserves to be kept close to our hearts, here are a few most loved and cherished holiday traditions that never get too old!

Decorating the Tree

Decorating the Christmas Tree together with family and close friends gives all the right holiday feels. From baseless arguments about who gets to put the tree topper to deciding which part of the tree looks the most beautiful, decorating the tree together has a charm of its own. The best part is when you see the final product, all done up and resplendent and realize that it contains a little bit of everyone that you love and are dear to you.


What’s better than singing Christmas carols? Singing Christmas carols together, in a group where everyone is off-key! Carolling is a big part of holiday traditions, because it just seems incomplete unless everyone’s gathered in the living room singing ‘Silent Night’ or ‘Jingle Bells.’ Yes, you’ll might sound like a bag of cats that’s being swung against a wall, but you’ve got to admit that that’s where all the fun lies!

Milk & Cookies for Santa

Milk and cookies for Santa is for sure one of the most endearing (and delicious) traditions to ever exist. Inspite of knowing that Santa isn’t real (or is he?) there’s something absolutely essential about coming together in the kitchen and whipping up some delicious treats for good old Mr. Clause the day before Christmas. Doubling up as a great DIY project, getting the milk and cookie session with Santa ready is the perfect reason to dig out some of grandma’s best recipes and something you can easily get your kids involved with as well!

Classic Christmas Movies

Every year, during the holiday season, the stack of classic Christmas movies beckons to us because they know as well as we do that when we’re talking about holiday traditions, binge watching your favorite Christmas flicks with the fam, has got to be one of the best.  While we all must admit that though some of it can get pretty corny, the feeling of cuddling up on the couch with your close ones with a soft blanket, a cup of steaming hot chocolate and a giant tub of popcorn, while we take a trip down memory lane is pretty special.

Volunteering to Give Back

There’s something about the holiday season that make us want to give back as much as possible, which is why this is definitely one of those traditions that you and never grow out of. After all, the season is all about feeling love, about experiencing joy, happiness and the warm embrace of a big old holiday bear hug. From bringing a smile to someone in need, to adopting a stray dog who is in desperate need of a home, volunteering to give back does not necessarily mean that you have to spend money or get associated with an organization. As they say charity begins at home and this tradition of opening up your home and your heart to someone in need instead of opening up boxes of your own, has got be gold.

Traditions exist for a reason, live them, enjoy them and make sure that they never die out!

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