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Home Décor Hacks Every Home Owner Should Know

Home is the one place, no matter where we are or what we’re doing, we want to return to.

Above, is primarily the reason why, home décor occupies such an important place in every home owners’ lives. But sometimes, we all fret with the fact that no matter how much you decorate your home, there’s always a feeling that something’s missing? We all have that certain areas in our homes which we don’t know what to do with. How do we decorate it? What would look best? Is it too wide? Is it too narrow? How can I make it look unique? – usually these are the questions that crop up in our minds. But with these simple, inexpensive and achievable home décor hacks, you’ll never be left wondering about what to do with that empty space anymore.

home decor interior design fairy lights

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are everybody’s favourite. They are used for birthday’s, for wedding’s, for special occasions or for celebrating the everyday joys of life. What makes them so irresistible is that their beauty lies in their innate simplicity and for the fact that they can completely change the way your home looks. They are exactly the thing you need, if you’re on the lookout for an inexpensive yet gorgeous makeover – all you have to do is go get some fairy lights and kick start your imagination. In the bedroom, you could decorate your headboard with fairy lights for extra sweet dreams or just weave them into a string of ribbons for a very pretty decorative item. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even try draping some fairy lights on a makeshift hanger to create your own chandelier!

home decor interior design fairy wall art gallery

Wall Art

Ever wondered what you were supposed to do with that large piece of empty wall in your home? Well, wonder no more. When we think of an empty wall, our mind immediately goes to paintings, but we’re here to tell you that there are way better things you can do with it. What could fall within the purview of wall art, is a wide variety of things. We’re looking at paintings, arts and crafts, instillation, quirky mantle pieces, colour blocking, the list could go on. But these days, when you’re talking about home décor, you can’t really leave out a great DIY piece, which is exactly what this suggestion of ours deals with. All you need for this one are a couple of plates, some paint, all the members of the family, some creativity and a whole lot of imagination! Once you have the plates and the paints, you just need to sit down and start using the plates as an empty canvas. The best part is that there’s no fixed design, no theme, no particular set of colours. Once you’re done adding some colour to them, all you need to do is mount them on the wall and you’ve got yourself a DIY gallery! It will bring in a creative, fun and personal touch to the room which no one will get enough of!

home decor interior design fairy bedroom

Bedroom Décor

Your bedroom is probably one of the most important places in your home. It is the place where you go to rest after a tiresome day at work. It is also the place where people spend most of their time, making it all the more important to have a bedroom décor that is aesthetically pleasing. One of the elements that lends itself beautifully to avenues of bedroom décor is the headboard. If you let your imagination fly, there are endless things that you can do with this. You could create a headboard made entirely out of books, almost like a mini library. Apart from the headboard, you can make your bedroom really cosy by adding a comfy couch or a divan in the corner – an ideal place to sit in the morning with a cup of coffee or just lounge around reading a book. Another simple way to decorate your bedroom is with pillows. You can mix and match pillows of different shapes, colours, patterns, sizes, and you’ve got yourself a really simple and really pretty décor idea. You could even plan a wonderful colour scheme for the bedroom, with colour blocking and other such design techniques to eliminate the need of additional accessories altogether.

home decor interior design fairy plants greenery

Go for green

A simple way to add a whole lot of character to your home is by adding plants to your interior décor. Research shows that not only do plants make for great home décor accessories, but that they have several physical and psychological advantages as well. You can use it as an accessory to decorate your bookshelves or create a cosy corner for yourself by combining plants along with your favorite knick-knacks where you can spend hours by yourself, relaxing. Additionally, if you’re looking for creating something quaint and charming, you could go for decorating your home with Bonsai plants that adds an attractive, old-fashioned feel to a space.

home decor interior design mirror


Another great tool to use as a piece of décor in the house is a mirror. Big or small, ornate or simple, mirrors are the perfect addition, be it in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the bathroom. Apart from being great decorative elements that add a lot of elegance and character, mirrors are great for making a small living space look larger than life. The trick behind this concept is the fact that, the more you reflect, the bigger a space looks. Have a small living space? put mirrors in strategic places which will help reflect the interiors. Bedroom doesn’t look as big as it was supposed to? Install mirrors which in turn will create the illusion of a much bigger space. The reason why mirrors are such an amazing thing is because not only does it solve the space related problem, but they’re aesthetically pleasing as well, they come in various shapes and sizes and all you have to do is to pick what style would go with the décor of the room.

our home is your happy place, and it deserves all the love and care it can get!

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