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How Make the Most of a Working Weekend

So, what plans for the weekend?

How many times have you been asked this question and replied to it with a disgruntled snort?! Weekend, what weekend! Sometimes, our five-day week stretches to a six or even a seven day one. Unfair right? But let’s accept it, everyone has to pay their dues while trying to climb up the corporate ladder. Be it logging in for a few hours or spending your entire Saturday as if it were a Monday, working unexpectedly on weekends is something that we all need to be mentally prepared to do. Working on weekends is applicable as much as to corporates as it is to entrepreneurs, we just have to get on with the fact that the show must go on, irrespective of what day of the week it is. However, instead if whining and making the situation worse than it already is, it’s best to take what you have and find the silver lining. Here’s what you can do to make the most of a working weekend.

weekend office work advantage coffee shop

Work from a Café

Just because you have to work doesn’t mean you literally have to work from home in the weekend. Pack up your things and head to the nearest coffee shop in the neighborhood. The change in the atmosphere, different people around you, the liberal amount of coffee readily available and the fact that someone will be serving it to you is enough motivation to not let the work stress take over. As long as you don’t let the other people get to you and are mindful of the caffeine intake, working during the weekend may turn out to be better than you expect it to.

weekend office work advantage colleagues friend fun get-together

Call Your Colleagues Over

Chances are that if you’re working over the weekend, your team and your colleagues are as well. As we all know every coin has to sides, you can either chose to work alone in your home with the curtains drawn and sulking way, or you could actually make a get together out of it. The next time you and the team get the weekend shift, why not call everyone over to your place to work together?! It’s true that misery loves company and when you get to share your misery with a bunch of friends who are in the same spot as you’re in, it stops looking intimidating and you actually begin to enjoy it.

weekend office work advantage cook healthy eat food nutrition


Usually, no matter how much we plan on eating healthy during the week, it become a dream that seems to move further and further away. In between the back to back meetings, impossible deadlines and timelines going askew, the best we can do at lunchtime is to order in from the nearest fast food joint and no matter how much we promise ourselves that we’ll eat better the next day, it never seems to happen. Fortunately, when you’re working on the weekend from home, you have the luxury of having complete access to your kitchen and a fully stocked pantry. It means you have the liberty to prepare yourself a wonderful lunch and maybe even a snack or two, that will fill you up and make your tummy happy as well. Besides, cooking as an activity can be enormously cathartic and can actually help you take an edge off from the work.

weekend office work advantage relax unwind


Taking a break during office hours is far and few and even if we manage to get two minutes to ourselves, we can rest assure that either we’ll be called back in before the two minutes are up or it just not enough of a downtime to rejuvenate. However, when you’re working during the weekend at home, you have the liberty to take as any breaks as you want in between. Be it relaxing with a book, listening to some music, squeezing in a cheeky episode of your favorite sitcom or just chilling on your couch, you can unwind as much as you want and whenever you want without worrying about a meeting room to get back. Taking frequent breaks is a tried and tested method that increases motivation, mental acumen, efficiency and speed, so when you get the chance, it’s best to make the most of it.

weekend office work advantage family fun love

Family Time

This has got to be one of the biggest perks of working over the weekends from home. Yes, it may seem a little unfair that you have to spend your time looking into a laptop screen while your little ones bring the house down, but the want to spend some much needed time with the family is what spurs you on more to complete the task at hand and move on to happier times. When you have to pick a scenario where you either spend the entire day at work in office where your family is nowhere around you and spending a few hours completing an assignment on a weekend, post which you can go right back to having a great time with your loved ones, you’ll end up picking the latter. Besides, working from home on the weekend always means that you can take as many breaks as you want in exchange for some cuddle time, which definitely is one of the ways to make the most of it!

When life gives you lemons…why not make some lemonade!

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