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How Not To Be a Social Media Jerk

Do you spend most of your day liking and not living?

How long can you go without opening Facebook and liking or commenting on someone’s profile picture or status update? How long can you go without re-tweeting your favourite designers’ their latest creation or without starting the counter conversation to a controversial topic that’s doing the rounds on the platform? Social media has become such a part and parcel of our lives that we can’t really think of going through a day without being active on our favourite platforms, respectively. However, at times, without realising we tend to share and voice our opinions a little too much, a little too often and a little too loud. Though it is normal to want to share the awesome things that are happening in and around you, the trick is to do it sparingly, while keeping your audience in mind. Speaking out of time, wiggling into a conversation where you don’t belong, judging unnecessarily and enforcing your point of view without being asked to, are just some of the things that qualify a person to become a social media jerk. While your mother and your best friend will always be excited regardless of what you do on these platforms, the important thing to remember is that the rest of the world may not feel this way. Therefore, if you’re trying to make sure that you’re not being a social media jerk under any circumstances, then here are a few things that you should always keep in mind.

Don’t follow to get followers

Today, an individuals’ popularity is directly proportionate to the number of followers he or she has on social media and it’s needless to say that the more you have, the more you popular you become. Unfortunately, many people use this tactic to forcefully grow their audience, no matter how unnatural the idea may be and some even to go the extent of following others in the hopes of the fact that they might follow them back. Therefore, the first thing to do if you don’t want to be a social media jerk, is to stop following to get followers.

Your opinion is your own

As an evolved race, we are entitled to have our own view about things happening around us. We are allowed to agree or disagree & to think differently. However, an opinion is a private thing that should exist in our universe & when we start forcing it on people we cross a line. Often on social media, we tend to enforce our view point on other people’s business without permission, which makes understanding that your opinion is your own, a very important aspect of one’s efforts of not being a social media jerk.

Comment when necessary

Similar to enforcing your opinion where it’s not required, commenting unnecessarily on other people’s pictures, achievement and life events can also be perceived as an uncalled for action, unless you have been invited to do so. On social media, commenting, sharing and liking is a phenomenon which everyone wants to be a part of, both at the receiving as well as the giving end. However, commenting without a context is something that everyone who doesn’t want to be a social media jerk should refrain from being guilty of.

Meaningful Content

Content is king and of all the platforms, social media thrives on it. Whether it’s a picture, a status update, a review or a full-fledged article that you’ve shared with your network, all of it comes under content. Which is why, it is important to understand that our audience for content consumption is divided, one with varied interests, likes and dislikes. Therefore, as social media evangelists and not jerks, it is up to us to always honour ourselves and our readers by sharing meaningful content that carries some sort of weight.

Engage wisely

Last but not the least, on social media, there are a million things which can generate engagement. From political issues, to entertainment; from straight forward topics of discussion to controversial agendas, the goal of which is to cause more confusion than clarity, social media is all about engagement and God knows that people are doing what they can to keep the conversation alive. However, if you’re not a social media jerk and don’t ever want to be one, then your topmost priority should always be to engage wisely. Keep things clean, don’t hurt sentiments, avoid controversial topics and stop yourself from starting a fire where it’s not required!

Chose not to be a social media jerk, rather go for being an evangelist!

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