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How to Be a Better Co-Worker


When you work together you achieve bigger and better things. The usual atmosphere in the workplace is either apathetic or sympathetic. You can see someone suffering from a burn out, or going through a world of pain because of five back-to-back deadlines, but in reality, we don’t really do much or go out of our way to provide a solution. Have you ever thought, why not? Everyone strives to be a better version of themselves, a better partner, a better mentor, a better friend and if that’s the trend, then why not a better co-worker to someone at your workplace? When you spend an average of eight to ten hours at work, you can’t help but become friends with your colleagues. You begin to eat together, laugh together, share pains with each other and if the equation is right, even go to the extent of watching each other’s back. As every year goes by and the chances of you spending more time with your co-workers than the people you’re actually living with increases, the value of being a better and a more dependable colleague has become paramount. Building positive relationships with the people you work with is now a priority and in some cases, a means of survival. Here’s a few things to can do to put your best foot forward.

Listen & Lend

By nature, we have a high inclination towards talking rather than just patiently hearing someone else speak. The art of listening is very valuable, especially when your colleague might have several things to talk about at the same time. Listening, providing a shoulder to cry on and lending a helping hand, even if it means your job getting delayed by a few minutes, are things that you can do to become a better co-worker. When people feel unappreciated and isolated, it becomes harder for them to see the benefit in going the extra mile and it’s your job as a good co-worker to bring back any soul that’s lost its track.

Say No to Gossip

The office cooler, the place where person ‘A’ goes to meet person ‘C’ to talk about person ‘B’. Workplace entertainment and office gossip go hand in hand, no organization can claim to be gossip free and no matter how much we might may say otherwise, we’ve all been guilty of indulging in it. However, when it comes to being a good co-worker, one of the first things you need to master is how to either steer clear of office gossip or turn a deaf ear to it no matter what. Instead of putting fuel to the fire, do your best to curb any and all hurtful rumors and stand up for your colleague.

Adapt to Work Styles

People are different, that’s why when organisations look at hiring a team, they go with a wide variety of skill sets rather than sticking to only one kind. This difference brings about the much needed expertise which is required to make any workplace successful, however, this difference also is also a major cause for workplace friction. Today, adaptability is perhaps the best thing you can have to your credit. Therefore, being able to adapt yourself to your colleagues’ work style is crucial if you’re looking to get some brownie points and become a better co-worker.

Help More

God helps those who help themselves, but perhaps, God is sometimes a little more favorable to those who help others as well! One of the most disheartening things that happens at the workplace is when people go out of their way to pull their colleagues down. This cut-throat attitude may seem to work for your short term professional goals, but in reality it is more detrimental than good. Swallow your pride, let go of your ego, forget how high up in the corporate ladder you stand and help people, it truly is the best way to not only become a better co-worker but a better person as well.

Spread the Cheer

Last but not the least, if you are able to make your office a happier place for everybody, then you’re definitely up there on the list of being a good co-worker. We’re all familiar with the ups and downs of work life but if you can stand your ground and spread some cheer at the same time to the ones you’re working with, then nothing like it. Making someone else happy not only brings about positive change in the office atmosphere, but you feel good yourself as well. The gift of a smile is invaluable and the more you’re able to give it to people, the better a co-worker you’ll be. P.S. with Christmas around the corner, now is as good a time to start spreading some joy, as any.

Find your tribe and then stick by them, be a better co-worker for not only to the people around you but for yourself as well!

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