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How to Be a Better Leader at Work

“To lead people, walk behind them.” – Lao Tzu

The fact that a team or an organisation is as good as its leader is true. Standing at the helm of everything, a leader is like a captain of a ship, steering the vessel to safe shores. Irrespective of how glamorous and exciting as it may sound, being a leader, whether it’s at work or in life, isn’t easy as it requires the person or the people in question to showcase some of the most inherent qualities that make up the DNA of a true leader. In this world, there are various different types of leaders. There are the aggressive ones and then there are those who are more mellow, there are ones who are born leaders and then there are those who gradually learn to become one themselves, but at the end of the day, when you’re a leader it is important to remember that your journey as an influencer never ends because there’s always room to room to improve and there’s always scope to become a better version of yourself. With this list of suggestions and ‘things to do’ if you want to better yourself as a leader, you can inspire yourself to address any issues that require improvement.

A positive role-model

Being a leader comes with big responsibilities, one of the most important one being a positive role model to all the people who look up to you. Finding that right balance between being able to constructively criticise and keep the fire burning is hard, but it is something that is expected from a good leader. Being that person who your team can turn to when they need motivation, inspiration and encouragement is a big thing to shoulder, but if you want to be a better leader at work then being a positive role-model is a must.

Be emotionally receptive

A leader is nothing without his/her people. In fact if it weren’t for the entire team or the organisation, the necessity of the leader would not have been there in the first place. Which is why, if you want to be a better leader at work, it is crucial that you are emotionally receptive. There are times when the team experiences a high, and then there are times when they go through a low. From personal struggles to hurdles that people may face at work, being emotionally receptive is one of the key characteristics of a good leader.

Know your team

A leader is only as good as his/her team. A leader is someone who is not only there at the front-line guiding the team along the right path but also there with their colleagues at the trenches, battling each and every situation out together. Therefore, if you want to be a good leader at work, it is important to first and foremost know your team. From what gets them down to what encourages them to push their limits and achieve more, a leader is someone who understands what gets the team up and running and uses it to its maximum advantage.

Encourage creativity

If you want to be a better leader at work, it is up to you to let your team know that you are open to their thoughts and ideas. Always remember, there’s no idea that is wrong, every idea contains in itself a seed, which when carefully nurtured can blossom into a beautiful flower. Give positive feedback and always encourage the team to take their creativity to the next level. The minute you show your employees that you’re open to listening you immediately lead them to deeper levels of commitment and loyalty towards you and their work.

Be humble

Last but not the least, being a good leader requires you to be humble. Anyone who thinks that they can lead without getting their hands dirty won’t last long, which is why it is important to know that your victory and your defeat is very dependent on the people you work with. Share your successes and readily admit your error, instead of passing it on to someone down the line. Communicate effectively, put your team before yourself and always look for opportunities that will allow your colleagues to grow and flourish and exhibit their strengths. At the end of the day, the reason why humility is such an important criteria to being a good leader is because it’s never about how much you already know, it’s about realising that you’ve still got a long way to go.

Leaders do what is right, not what is easy!

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