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How to Be Your Own Hero

I needed a hero, so that’s what I became.

What are the qualities that makes up a hero? Is it the courage to stand up for things or is the integrity that drives him or her to follow the path of righteousness? Is it the ambition to pursue dreams no matter what the rest of the world says or is it the quality of compassion and humility that allows the individual to identify with others? Well, the answer is that it’s all of the above. We all know that sometimes life can be hard. It can be trying, it can test you and it can make you feel that nothing has or will ever go right again and these are times during which we all need a hero. Someone who motivates and make us believe that everything will be fine at the end of it all. Unfortunately, heroes don’t grow on trees and at times when you need them the most they are hard to find. Therefore, in situations like this, what do we do? Why, become our own heroes of course! Now this might sound easier said than done, but it is definitely not impossible. All one needs to do is identify the inherent qualities that comprise a hero and let them flourish as much as possible. At the end of the day no one has your back better than yourself and in light of letting your inner hero shine, here are five heroic qualities that everyone needs to develop in order to becomes one’s own hero.


Just like a skeleton provides a framework for your body, integrity provides a framework for your inner belief system. Without integrity, we would be aimless and confused, not knowing what decision to take when and more importantly, which decision to make during trying times. Integrity, according to many people is the most important quality that anyone can ever develop which in turn enhances every part of one’s life. When you have this superpower, you’ll see that you won’t need anyone else apart from yourself to ensure that you’re heading in the right direction.


What’s life without ambition and what’s the point of living unless you know the things that you’re determined to achieve. Ambition is the fuel that drives you through life, it is what gives you the push every time you feel like you can’t carry on anymore. However, it is important to understand that there’s a fine line between ambition and pride. Ambition allows you to move ahead while pride eventually makes you fall. When you have ambition (and not pride) by your side then nothing can stop you from achieving greatness and at the end of the day, isn’t that what a hero is, a person who does and achieves great things?


When you want to be your own hero, one of the things that you must have is the heart of a lion and ability to roar like one as well. Courage is a quality that gets one very far in life. It makes you go to places others are afraid to go, it makes you take risks that others wouldn’t have normally taken and more importantly, it allows you to seize the day and live in the moment. Courage doesn’t mean that you don’t get afraid, it means that you don’t let fear stop you from achieving your dreams. It means that you’re willing to take the plunge not knowing what lies ahead (well, not all the time at least) and yet be confident enough to know that you’ll be fine.


A hero has to be compassionate. As an individual they have to be sensitive enough to perceive the feelings of the people around them as well as understand what’s going on within themselves. The benefits of compassion can be experienced in all our lives. It helps spread kindness and it is also what makes us hope and have faith. Compassion is inherently present in all of us, but sometime due to a lack of mindfulness and when we are not present in life in general, we forget to exercise it. However, through acts of kindness, caring and love, compassion can be achieved. Compassion opens the road to several things, self-realization and happiness being two of the most important of them all.


We’ve saved the most important heroic quality for the last – humility. Humility is perhaps one of the most underrated qualities that never gets the due credit that it deserves. An asset when it comes to self-improvement, humility is probably more essential as a quality than everything else that was mentioned above, combined. Humility enables you to rise above trying situations, it helps people to progress forward rather than regress, it ensures that pride never gets the better of us and it helps keep that big green monster under control. But of all the things that humility does, the most essential one is that it shows gratitude. So whether you’re searching for a higher truth or looking to find your inner strengths, humility is the key to all the answers.

The best kind of heroes are usually ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary!

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