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How to Deal with an Identity Crisis Like Jason Bourne

Who am I?

A question we ask ourselves, to which we never have a concrete answer. Your identity is the most important thing you have. It determines the kind of person you are and most likely the kind of person you’ll shape up to be. Your identity is an innate, inbuilt attribute that goes along with you wherever you go. It’s what makes you unique, separates you from the crowd and makes your presence felt in the world. However, just like with all things, material or otherwise, you run a risk of losing your identity as well. The harsh truth is that facing an identity crisis can be equally unnerving, irrespective of what those conditions are. Hang on though, don’t panic yet, because in this rat race, we all go through an identity crisis at some point or the other. Now, when you lose a watch or misplace your sunglasses, you usually make a mental map that guides you and ultimately helps you find what you’ve lost. Similarly, here are a few things you should use as guidelines when trying to deal with an identity crisis.


One of the scariest things about getting lost is not knowing where to go from there. But if you really think about it, you sometimes need to get lost to bring yourself back on track and find the right way ahead. The same applies with your identity. Once you feel like you’re going through an identity crisis the best thing you can do is explore. Explore new avenues, new possibilities, new areas of excellence that you never thought were even meant for you. If you keep an open mind, losing an identity can be quite like an adventure, where the journey is more important than the end.

Examine Interests

Quite similar to exploring, when you have an identity crisis, instead of looking at it as a bad thing, take it as an opportunity to figure out a better way to make a better version of yourself. One of the things that are very deeply rooted to your identity are your hobbies and your interests, find out what floats your boat and gets your heart racing and you’ll stand a good chance of getting your identity back. The logic behind this that we chose our interests because of our personality and identity and they are crucial to understanding who you are.

Find What Grounds You

Your identity is grounded in your strengths. The things that you’re good at and the things that you excel in are what defines you and sets you apart from the rest. But it’s natural to feel like you’re drifting away from time to time. In instances like this, where you feel like a ship floating on the sea, it is imperative that you find your anchor. Figure out the things that ground you and draw strength from it. These are the things (could be relationships, friends, material things, whatever you’re really close to) from which you draw your strength from and therefore your identity! Ask yourself what are the thing and who are the people you couldn’t survive without, once you’ve narrowed that down, your identity will follow suit.

Ask Questions

“The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out.” Curiosity is a virtue. Like kindling for a fire, curiosity and the need for asking questions allows you to burn bright and build on your identity. When you ask the right questions, it unlocks doors to information that is key to dealing with an identity crisis. Just like figuring out where your strengths lie, professionally, understanding your hobbies and interests only throws light upon the things that constitute your personality. And understanding your personality is imperative when it comes to dealing with an identity crisis.

Visualize Future Self

Last but not the least, dealing with an identity crisis can be hard. It’s like when you lose sight of your goal towards which you’re working towards. Visualizing your future self, what you want to be, what you aspire to be and what you would like your personality and character to reflect is a great way to deal with an identity crisis. Visualizing your future self is like giving yourself a vision and goal which you would like to work towards. As they say, there’s light at the end of every tunnel, all you need to do is keep your eyes open and keep moving forward.

Your originality lies within you. Your identity is the most unique thing you have up your sleeve.

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