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How to Deal with Being The ‘New Guy’ In Office

New beginning, new focus, new start and new results.

You’re starting a new job and you’re feeling a little anxious – not the most uncommon thing to go through. Being the ‘new guy’ in office is not always easy, you don’t really know everybody, you’re not familiar with how things work and everyone seems to have their inside jokes. However, no matter how tough things seem to be, giving in and not doing anything about the situation is not the way to deal with it. So what if you’re the new guy, everyone’s had their first day at work and everyone gets over it and adjusts with the flow in no time, it’s all about how you turn an uncomfortable situation to your advantage. If you still have doubts, here are five simple things you can do to make dealing with ‘being the new guy’ in office, easier.

Learn the culture

Office culture plays a very important role in the work place. It’s what defines the atmosphere of the workplace and is a distinguishing factor that sets the company apart from the rest. Of the many things that a strong office culture does, one is that it helps employees understand what the company itself stands for and in turn motivates them to carry forward those principles out into the industry. Therefore, if you’re the new guy at work, it is your duty to first and foremost learn what your office culture is all about. Learn the beliefs, the goals, the visions and what makes the entire organization tick. Once you have that under control, you’ll see fitting in and being accepted becomes much simpler.

Ask questions

Curiosity apparently killed the cat, but in this case, it’s what makes the new guy in office fit in. Asking questions can never be a bad thing. Like kindling for a fire, curiosity and the need for asking questions allows you to burn bright and build on your identity. When you ask the right questions, it unlocks doors to information and it also enables you to make inroads into getting to know people better and giving them a chance to get to know you as well. The best part is that when you’re the new guy, you’re expected to ask questions and frankly, if you don’t, it can become a little unnerving for the rest. In the workplace, asking the right questions at the right time can be seen as a good quality, it makes people believe that you’re interested in what’s going on and shows that you’re excited to get up to speed as soon as possible.

Participate & volunteer

Being the new guy could mean that you’re isolated from office activities and events and that’s never a good feeling, quite like being picked last for the football team in high school. Which is why, when you’re adjusting in at a new workplace, it is good to show your enthusiasm and zeal towards events and activities. Be it a potluck or an office off-site, showing that you care and volunteering to help out is always a good place to start. Moreover, the more you willfully volunteer and participate in activities with your fellow colleagues, the better you’ll get to know them, which basically should be your top priority when you’re the new guy at work.

Ease in with your co-workers

As the new guy at work, listening more than jumping the gun and answering is a good thing to practice. While we’re all enthusiastic to get in a word and have a say in all the important decisions that are being taken, it is imperative to first fully grasp the how and why of things. The people who are there from before know the way things functions and their way of doing things probably have a reasoning behind it, which is why trying to impress everyone from the get go may not always work out as planned. This silent but steady approach of easing in with your co-workers not only helps you deal with being the new guy at work, but enables you to learn a lot as well, which always pays off once you’ve settled in a little.

Put your best foot forward

It’s always about the effort you make rather than taking a shortcut. When you’re the new guy at work, it is always good to put your best foot forward. Yes, you will falter, even fall short maybe a few times, but all this is a part of the learning process. Putting your best foot forward by visualizing your future self, staying motivated towards what you aspire to be and pursuing what you would like your personality and character to reflect is one of the best ways to deal with being the new guy at work. This way, not only do your colleagues get to know you better, but they get a feel of what you’re really made off as well!

The next time you find yourself being in a position where you’re the ‘new guy’, instead of shying away or getting flustered make the most of it!

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