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How To Look Compelling At Work

When you spend the major part of the day at one place (which is your workplace), then it goes without saying that you must dress so as to make your presence felt there. If you are dressed to impress, it not only makes you feel confident, but also gives across the message to your co-workers that you are not to be taken lightly. Looking compelling at work does not necessarily include expensive clothes and accessories, but the same effect can be achieved if you know how to dress smartly, with versatile formal pieces. Go through this guide on how to dress impeccably for work and turn heads at your workplace every day!

work outfit sharp dressing suit tie

Dress sharp

Formal dressing is all about sharp cuts and smart fits. Slouchy and laidback outfits are a strict no-no when it comes to dressing for your workplace. Make sure your clothes are of a good fit & cut so that they fit you well and make you look good. Ill-fitted clothes can give out a negative message of ignorance and a don’t-care, lazy attitude. Specially, take care while choosing the styles of your suits or shirts as how they fit you make a lot of difference to the visual impression you have on people. Not to say that perfect clothes not only make you look good, but boost your self-confidence up a notch as well!

work wear classic outfit black pencil skirt

Go classic

When in doubt, go for the white shirt or the black blazer. Classics never go out of style and they never fail to lend an air of formal elegance to your outfit. Work-wear is all about knowing how to wear the classic colours and styles well. Whites, blacks, greys, browns & blues are the go-to colours when it comes to dressing for work. You can never go wrong with these safe options as they are synonymous with formal style. Classic cuts of suits and pants, classic styles of bags or classic designs of shoes are must-haves in your work-wear wardrobe.

subtle neutral work outfit

Don’t go OTT

When it comes to formal dressing, it’s best to keep it subtle & smart. Going over-the-top with styles, cuts & colours is an absolute no-no at most workplaces, as that might end up making your boss think that you are not mature or serious enough at work. Loud colours will not only make you stand out in a sea of neutrals, but might also distract your colleagues from concentrating on their work. Same for funky clothes that will surely be way out of the corporate dress code. Hence, dress subtle & suave to make the right impression at work.

brown formal shoes office outfit

Don’t ignore the shoes

Not only clothes, but also shoes maketh a man. The pair of shoes you wear can make or break your impression. Make sure your formal shoes are always well-polished and clean. Scruffy shoes give off a negative impression about you. Invest in a few pairs of Oxfords, Cap-toes & Monk shoes in neutral hues like blacks, browns & greys to lend a smart finishing touch to your work outfit. Also, make sure you opt for footwear that is comfortable, as you have to spend the whole day in them.

Grooming work outfit office look

Groom yourself well

Grooming is of utmost importance while getting ready for your workplace. Corporate etiquettes need an employee to be well-groomed & presentable at all times. Keep your hair out of your face and make sure you shave before stepping out of the house. Well-maintained nails, subtle make-up (for the ladies) and a formal personality are expected at workplaces. Most employers have rules against any kind of body art or excessive flaunting of jewellery, so learn to keep it subtle & formal. Tattoos, if any, should be aptly covered up. A well-groomed employee is sure to be in the boss’s good books!

Looking sharp & suave at the workplace is half the battle won. Your visual impression precedes your work and a smart personality is sure to make you the star of the office! So, dress well and go, win those boardroom battles!

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