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How to Make Snacking Healthy

Eat good to feel good!

Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to come at a cost. Remember those days when you were trying to be productive while starving at the same time? Not nice are they? Well, it doesn’t have to be so. While snacking in between meals is not a good thing, a lot depends on WHAT you’re actually snacking on. Though a chocolate or a bag of crisps may be the guilty pleasure that we crave for at that moment, the fact is that it’s not doing you any good. Instead, imagine if you were snacking on things that was both delicious and super healthy at the same time? You could easily say bye-bye to the hunger pangs while actually doing your body and mind some good in the process. But here’s where things get a little difficult. What are these things that are easily available, can be made without any difficulty at home and are healthy at the same time? For the sake of healthy and happy living, here’s a list of thing that you can go crazy snacking on when those hunger pangs hit you at work in between meals.

Hearty Hummus

Hummus is by far one of the best dips ever to be made. Healthy and delicious, hummus is made primarily out if chickpeas, garlic a peanut based sauce called tahini and some extra virgin olive oil, all of which are very good for you. Not only that, hummus helps you with your weight management goals while keeping your cholesterol in check as well. Pair this up with some apple slices, carrot sticks or celery and you’ve got yourself a snack that is rich in proteins and fiber and one that you can enjoy without feeling guilty about the quantity and the quality of what you’re putting inside your body.

Trail Blaze

A trail mix essential comprises an assortment of dried fruits and nuts, without any preservatives. The reason why we should all be snacking on trail mix more often is simple – the nuts and fruits provides us with essential nutrients which in turn gives us the required energy to get along with the rest of the day. Therefore, the next time you feel like you’re in the mood for some snacking, just whip out your zip lock baggie filled with trail mix and be content about the fact that you’ve got something that will help you keep your energy levels high, without adding any unnecessary amounts of sugar in your diet.

Granola Bars Both Ways

When we think of healthy things to munch on, granola bars are definitely one of those things that spring to your mind immediately. What makes granola bars so healthy? The fact that they’re primarily made out of oats. And what makes them so delicious? The sheer variety of the preparations. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or something savory, granola bars are the way to go because you can literally make any super healthy version of it that satisfies your cravings. The best part is, you can pre-make a large bunch and then store some away for a later time (provided that you don’t eat them up instantly!)

Pop Some Popcorn

This one’s an absolute favorite. The world loves popcorn and so do we and so should you, especially if you’re looking for a healthy snack to indulge in. Whole grain popcorn kernels made in the old fashioned way (over the stove top or with a traditional popcorn maker) with just the right amount of spice, tastes good while checking off all the things on the ‘healthy snack’ list. The things that makes popcorn unhealthy is the butter, caramel and other similar clarorific garnishes that we put on it and that we love so much, but without these things, popcorn is actually a very good source of fiber and still utterly delicious.

Very Berry Blast

Berries, super-food and super snack all rolled into one delicious and beautiful treat. Apart from being bright and extremely enticing, berries have a long list of health benefits that they can boast of. Rich in antioxidants and other powerful nutrients, berries keep you feeling fresh throughout the day while keeping illnesses like heart disease and cancer at bay. If this wasn’t reason enough, studies have shown that eating berries can do wonders for your memory, keeping you sharp and alert through the day, making them perfect as a mid-work snack. So, the next time you feel your stomach calling out for some tender loving care, just reach you’re your bowl of berries and say goodbye to those hunger pangs.

It’s never too late to work towards being the healthiest you!

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