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How to Pack for a Kiddie Holiday

Packing for a family vacation can be stressful, especially when you’re packing for your kid – where do you start from, what do you take, what do you leave behind and most importantly, how do you optimize the limited space given. However, the first step towards a successful family vacation is the preparation for it. We’re well aware of the fact that going on a vacation with kids means a hundred things to take but honestly it’s more about the hundred things we forget. So in order to make the most of the situation, here’s checklist of things that you ought to keep in mind while packing for a kiddie holiday.

Holiday family packing kids smart

Pack Smart

The first thing that one needs to make peace with while packing for a kiddie holiday is that you need not make everything! Though your maternal instincts will tell you to pack as many clothes, toys and accessories as possible, the trick is to capsule your wardrobe and pack smart. Pack clothes that can be worn more than once, that are easy to wash and which don’t wrinkle easily. Cut down on the clothes and don’t take exclusive pairs, instead go with the philosophy of mix and match where you can team up one pair of trousers or denims with different tops and shirts. As for your baby’s favourite toys and games, take that one thing that he/she absolutely can’t do without and leave the rest behind.

holiday packing smart kids family food drink supplies

Food and Drink Supplies

This tip is more for the journey to, from and in between places rather than for when you’re at your destination or in the hotel. Being prepared with on-the-go, kid friendly snacks are always helpful as you never know when hunger will strike. Try granola bars, sandwiches, dried fruits and nuts, cupcakes and the likes, which are bound to keep any tantrum at bay. And while you’re at it, it’s stock up on a few juice boxes as well. Kids are their worst when they are ‘hangry’, but the trick here is to be one step ahead and always be prepared!

holiday smart packing family kids

Use Carabiners

If you’ve not used this trick before, then you absolutely must in your next family outing. One of the biggest hassle while packing for a kiddie holiday is space – rather the lack of it. But this little tip is a great way to optimize and create some extra space while keeping your hands free at the same time. Instead of lugging around extra pieces of luggage and have things falling from your arms, use carabiners or snap-on clips to hang or attach extra items from your back pack. It’s so simple that it’s pure genius!

holiday packing kids family prepared

Expect the Unexpected

When you’re traveling with your family, especially your kids, it’s always good to expect the unexpected. Bad weather, luggage getting lost in transit, missing your scheduled transportation and the whole gamut. Which is why it’s wise to carry a day’s worth of supplies in your back pack at all times. We’re talking about snacks, energy bars, medicines, a change of clothes and the likes. Another helpful tip is that while packing, use zip lock pouches to store all your liquids in, that way if there’s a case where excess pressure causes a shampoo explosion, the rest of your bag is kept safe and clean, away from the mess.

Zoop travel collection-boat

Get Your Kids Involved

When on a vacation with your family, get your kids involved with packing and being responsible for their own little carry-on. Assign your child a little backpack where he/she is allowed to choose a few things to carry and be 100% responsible for. You’ll be surprised how seriously they take it and how much effort they put into keeping their belongings safe. And of course, your kids’ luggage must include watches from the all new Zoop Travel Buddy collection that they can wear while exploring new places!

Get your kids watches from Zoop's new Travel Buddy collection and see them getting excited to explore new destinations. So take a few days off from work, pack your bags and go on a vacation – because money will come and go but memories are what will stay with you forever.

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